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At Waytek, we're engineered to do whatever it takes to deliver whatever you need, or as we put it - Wired to Serve. Let us be your warehouse, so you can save on inventory costs while accessing a wide variety of electrical components from manufacturers known for premier quality. Our inventory runs deep, and we're always ready to ship so you can keep your project on track.

16GA Black Leads 20A 32V Cover
  •  Fuse Holder for ATO/ATC Fuses
  • Gauge: 16
  • Amp: 20
  • Black GXL Wire
  • Leads: 4" x 2
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HBW60-NG 280 Metri-Pack Style, 30A/circuit, IP67
  • Quick lock yellow latches keep the cover securely in place while still allowing for speed opening and closing and allows the user to customize their own circuity with direct wire- to-component connections
  • Accepts any mini (280 style) circuit protection component
  • Compact size allows the unit to be installed in vehicles with limited space
  • Ideal for accessory circuits, overflow circuits from main PDM, or as a main module on smaller vehicles
  • IP67 sealed units can be installed virtually anywhere on the vehicle and stands up to road splash and salt spray
  • TPAs (terminal position assurance locks) - 6 included-  give secondary locking protection of the wire leads, which aid in prevention of leads from being pulled out
  • Wires plug into the back of the unit using industry standard Delphi Metri-Pack Series 280 tanged terminals
  • Add-on accessory can hold a fuse puller and spare fuses
  • Tethers available to prevent loss of cover during service
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  • 275 Amp Over Current Shutdown
  • User-Adjustable Power Shut-Off Timer
  • Multiple Internal Operating Modes
  • Completely Sealed Construction
  • 100% Solid State Design
  • Rubber Protective Terminal Boots Option

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25A Primary 15A Aux Wire Lead
  • Mini fuse circuit tap adds an additional circuit to an existing circuit
  • Simply plug into mini fuse slot
  • Primary slot 25 amps max
  • Secondary slot 15 amps max
  • 32 volts
  • Use with mini fuses
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5 Micro Relays & 10 Mini Fuses, Cover Included
  •  Rear Terminal Mini Fuse Panel
  • Weather tight with enclosure with cover
  • 30A Max output per contact
  • 5 - 280 Bussed Micro Relays with 10 Bussed Fuses
  • Nuts assembled
  • Tall Cover included 
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MIZU-P25 Connector 522660417

·         Molex 2.5mm Mizi-P25 Mini Waterproof Connectors

·         2.5mm pitch

·         Water-proof protection

·         Integral housing seal

·         3A per circuit

·         94V-0 flammability rating

·         User friendly friction locks save space

·         Polarizing ribs prevent incorrect terminal insertion

·         Secure connection and latch protection

·         Provides high pressure and small deflection for high vibration applications

·         Ideal for mirror motor harnesses, switches and wipers

·         1 terminal required for each circuit

·         Plug housings take male terminals

·         Receptacle housings take female terminals

·         Use molex hand crimp tool 0638118600

·         Use extraction tool to remove terminals or replace

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