Why it Pays to Invest in the Next Generation of Forward & Reverse Relay Modules

Posted on Mar 4, 2016 by Robert Iversrud

Ever since Waytek added the newest Forward & Reverse Relay Module from Cole Hersee by Littelfuse, we've noticed strong interest from many customers, along with many questions and comments about this new generation of relay modules. Below, we have outlined the features and benefits to help you better understand this new product class.


The high-amperage of this product, coupled with an IP-67 rating, is what makes this product stand out in the marketplace. The ability to carry a high load current supports the increasing number of modern applications that require more power for external devices. At the same time, being fully sealed allows for flexibility in mounting locations, making installation easier, in addition to being more durable. As stated by Waytek, Inc. Account Manager Robert Iversrud, "In today's market, there is a higher demand for hi-amp products. This Forward & Reverse Relay Module from Cole Hersee by Littelfuse reduces labor, increases longevity and supports more robust applications".


Dynamic breaking provides a quicker response to stopping/reversing the motor in the application by grounding the coil of the motor. This reduces the wear and tear on the equipment which increases reliability and longevity. Not only does this ultimately save on equipment replacement costs, but also on labor as well.


Streamlined design is another noteable point of distinction. In the past, OEMs would often have to use two relays or solenoids for high-amperage applications, but the sleek, single unit design of this Forward & Reverse Relay Module from Cole Hersee by Littelfuse saves space and elimates wires, which ultimately saves on labor costs.


This premium product is priced accordingly, yet some consumers struggle to justify a higher price point. But as with any purchase, it's important to consider PRICE vs. COST. For example, if Product A has a price of $5 and Product B is priced at $50, it's easy to assume that the latter costs $45 more than the former. However, if the increased longevity and ease of installation of Product B is able to save $200 or more on labor and early replacement costs, then it is fair to say that the true COST of Product B is $155 less than Product A.



When considering the advanced features and benefits offered by the intelligent design of the Forward & Reverse Relay Module from Cole Hersee by Littelfuse, the value proposition becomes abundantly clear. To learn more about this product please see the Manufacturer Data Sheet  or Contact Us.

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