Connector Trends in Automotive Wire Harnesses

Posted on May 17, 2022 by Steve Green

Challenges in the automotive wire harness industry – including extended wait times for 1 Wire_shutterstock_424530235 established, well-known components – are pushing the market towards new products and alternatives. Other challenges include weight and space constraints, environmental regulations, and system requirements that are growing more complex.

There are thousands of varieties of automotive wire harnesses. In some modern vehicles you will find as many as 40 different harnesses, 700 connectors and 3,000 or more wires. More variation comes into play with wire harnesses that go into heavy-duty vehicles, construction and agricultural equipment, and other off-road machines.

In this article you’ll learn about:

  • What makes heavy-duty vehicles unique when it comes to wiring and connectors
  • The challenge of component availability—and ways to get around it
  • The importance of maintaining wire strength in signal applications
  • The decline pull-to-seat connectors, solder, and tin-based components
  • Product sourcing tips

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