Why Custom Automotive Wire Striping Makes Sense for Your Business

Posted on Dec 10, 2015

Wire stripingThe modern car is a complex machine, and that makes fixing it even more work. With custom automotive wire striping, you can make it easier. Why?

Wire Striping Saves Time

Sure, an experienced mechanic can spot the difference between, say, a 10 amp/120 watt wire and a 15 amp/180 watt wire. But they've got to take a moment to look at them to sort them out, and if you're ordering from multiple suppliers, you might find your team in the shop, looking at two wires with the same color of insulation and arguing over which one is which. Custom striping frees up your staff to actually do the repair, instead of figuring out which wire they need to use.

Wire Striping Gets You Organized

We've all had that moment, where we pull out the box cutter, open up that shipment of wires -- and realize that every single one has the same color and the only way to tell is the label on the spool. With custom wire striping, you won't have to worry about posting signs, keeping labels on spools, or otherwise making sure everyone knows which wire is which. You can spot them at a glance, so your staff can grab what they need.

Wire Striping Limits Mistakes

Putting the wrong load on a wire will not only cost you materials, it'll cost you money if a product is defective or a repair doesn't do its job. In some situations, it's even worse; a short or burning wire can be actively dangerous, in the shop or on the road.

With custom automotive wire striping, everyone in your shop knows exactly what wire they're using. They can double check their work to ensure they're not putting too many amps through a wire that can't handle it. That means a safer shop, better work, and happier customers.


Automotive wire striping Know what you're cutting, every time.

Wire Striping Helps Standardize Construction

One of the realities of any shop is that you'll be doing a lot of the same work again and again, whether it's a standard repair or building the same product. With these jobs, it makes sense to standardize them as much as possible, so you can assign them to more junior employees and free up the more experienced team for the tougher projects. Wire striping allows you to create that standardization, so you can guide new employees through how to do the job on paper, and ensure it gets done the right way, with the right wires, every time.

Wire Striping Helps You Build New Products

Researching new products and better repairs is what the best shops need to stand out from the rest. With automotive wire striping, you'll better be able to do that research; you'll know what wires you have and just as importantly, have a shared understanding of which wire is which and what they do. You won't need to look at a parts list; your custom striping means you'll be able to see what's connected where at a glance.

Wire striping is a useful tool for any automotive manufacturer. It'll help you cut down on mistakes, improve your repairs, standardize common jobs, and free your team up to do better work faster.

Wire striping is just the start. Take a look at our extensive array of wire and cable products!