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Pollak Trailer Connectors
3 Position Plug Housing, 282087-1
  • TE Connectivity AMP Superseal 1.5mm 3 Position Plug Housing, 282087-1 
  • Category: AMP Superseal
  • Manufacturer: TE Connectivity
  • Housing material: Polyamide 6.6 glass-filled
  • 14A
  • Temp Rating: -40C to +125C
  • Sealing reliability proven under harsh conditions
  • Suitable for automotive, truck, bus, or off-road vehicles
  • IP67 rating
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Terminal, 14 GA, Size 16, Gold over Nickel
Stamped and formed contacts provide a proven, standard, economic option. Solid contact option provides performance geared to larger wire sizes and heavy-duty applications.
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    & Distribution Device
    This product is a common distribution device that improves wiring by taking the power or ground cable, and splitting it out to two (12) pin Deutsch connectors for fast power or ground distribution.
    • Data Panel 38017-2 Common Power Splitter & Distribution Device
    • Category: Power Splitters
    • Manufacturer: Data Panel
    • 1 main input power (or ground) & 8 output power (or ground)
    • Provides improved connection quality with no splices, welds, or soldered wire joints
    • Replaces junction boxes, terminal strips and lugs
    • Better solution than stacking ring lugs
    • Reduces assembly compared to terminal blocks
    • Rugged, potted, sealed device (IP67)
    • Total Input: 1 main input power or ground through 3/8" stud
    • Total Output: 2-12 pin connectors with 12 power or 12 ground in each
    • Mating Connector: 38430 or 38180
    • Contact: 31115 or 31109
    • Wedgelock: 38444 or 38192
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    • Blue Sea Systems 7850 Sure Eject
    • Category: Battery Chargers
    • Manufacturer: Blue Sea Systems
    • This automatic AC disconnect ejects the power cord upon ignition to prevent damage 
    • Motor driven design ensures consistent ejections for years of operation
    • Ejection piston is self-recessing with no cocking required
    • Keyed plug design for easy one handed insertion in hard to reach places
    • AC power indicating LED
    • Compatible with existing 15A and 20A plugs
    • Contoured cover prevents faulty ejections
    • Screw terminal wiring for reliable electrical connections
    • No lubrication or self-service required
    • Standard mounting holes for simple retrofit
    • Industry leading 5 year warranty 
    • 15A
    • 120V AC
    • Operating Voltage: 8-16V DC
    • Height: 6.00in (152.4 mm)
    • Width: 3.6in (91.44 mm)
    • Depth: 3.6in (91.44 mm)
    • Yellow Plug and Cover included with Sure Eject Unit
    • Different cover plate colors available: 78011B78012B78013B78014B78015B
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    Resistor & Steel Bracket, 898H-1CH-D1SW-R1-U05-12V
    • Song Chuan ISO 280 Mini Relay with Resistor & Steel Bracket, 898H-1CH-D1SW-R1-U05-12V
    • Category: Mechanical Relays & Connectors
    • Manufacturer: Song Chuan
    • Circuitry: SPDT
    • NO Amp: 50A
    • NC Amp: 30A
    • Volt Rating: 12V
    • Terminals: Five 2.8mm Terminals
    • Steel Bracket
    • Resistor included
    • Space saving relay with high current capacity
    • Designed to perform in temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C) and as high as 275°F (125°C)
    • Ideal for use in variety of automotive applications including starter motors, hazard warning lights, ignition and battery disconnect relays
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    Disconnect Switch with Lockout, 600A
    • Cole Hersee 880154 Terra SR Series Battery Disconnect Switch with Lockout
    • Category: Battery Disconnects
    • Manufacturer: Cole Hersee
    • SR Series
    • Switch Type: Mechanical
    • Circuitry: SPST
    • Amp Rating: 600A
    • Max Volts: 32V
    • Contact Action: On-Off
    • High Cranking, Panel mount with lock out
    • Temp. Range: -58°F (-50°C) to 221°F (105°C)
    • Terminal stud size 3/8"-16 x 7/8" long
    • Isolate high current DC circuits from battery sources
    • Stainless steel hardware and tin-plated copper studs
    • Pad lock out for protection from tampering or when the electrical system is being serviced
    • Ignition protection to SAE J1171 and ISO 8846 for installation in a battery box for vehicles carrying hazardous loads
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