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Anderson Power Products 110G9 Powerpole Connector Snap-In Retaining Pin

Item #: 37739
Manufacturer Item: 110G9
Min. Order Qty: 40
Available: 423
Quantity Price
100+ 0.1647
1000+ 0.1357
RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
  • Anderson Power Products 110G9 Powerpole Retaining Pins
  • Category: Anderson Connectors
  • Manufacturer: Anderson Power Products
  • Component Type: Contact
  • Series: Powerpole
  • Powerpole connectors can be used in line
  • 15, 30 and 45 amp sizes use the same housings, but different contacts
  • Each Powerpole Connector is a genderless, single-pole connector half, which can be dovetailed
  • For a complete system, order one contact with each housing
  • Powerpole housing plugs are available for use with Powerpole 15 and 45 amps. They can be mounted in a variety of configurations for modular assemblies
  • One housing plug comes with a latch to mate with the other housing plug for a locked connection
  • Place a spacer key in an empty contact slot and secure assembly with a retaining pin

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