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3M TR-482 Crimping Tool

3M TR-482 Crimping Ratchet Tool, 22-10 AWG

Item #: 405
Manufacturer Item: TR-482
Manufacturer: 3M
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REACH Compliant
  • 3M TR-482 Ratchet Crimper Tools
  • Category: Crimpers
  • Manufacturer: 3M
  • Gauge: 22-10 AWG
  • Color coded crimp dies
  • Ideal for nylon insulated terminals with extra sleeve
  • Double crimps both barrel and insulation grip simultaneously
  • Calibration of ratchet can be accomplished in the field
  • Provides proper insertion of conductor in terminal barrel
  • Ratchet requires full closure of handles to ensure proper crimp
  • Spring loaded locator orients, positions, and holds terminals and connectors
  • Made with hardened steel jaws and handles with corrosion resistant finish