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Picker PC775 Series Power Relays
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Egis | RT Series Fuse Blocks
Eaton | 185 Series Hi-Amp Circuit Breakers
Voltage Disconnect, 24VDC, 350A
The LVD is installed between the battery and all loads. If the voltage drops below the setpoint voltage for a pre-determined period of time, the LVD will open, disconnecting all loads including the LVD itself, thus protecting the batteries from any further discharge. Once the LVD has opened, the close pin can be activated, forcing the LVD to close which allows the vehicle/system to be restarted.
  • Gigavac MXSL15CE Sealed Automatic Low Voltage Disconnect
  • Category: Low Voltage Disconnects
  • Manufacturer: Gigavac
  • The hermetically sealed chamber ensures that coil, contacts, and electronics are shielded from all outside environmental factors
  • Gigavac's MX Series sealed DC Contactors are designed to meet MIL-R-6106 and are especially suited for heavy-duty applications
  • Gas filled hermetic chamber protects key components
  • Exceeds IP69K standard
  • Tested to temperatures up to 200°C
  • Mating Connector DT06-08SA, 38178 or 38428
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Mounting Base, White 4 Way-Adhesive
HellermannTyton FlexTack Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts deliver excellent mounting performance on flat, curved, and moderately angled surfaces. Use in combination with 18- through 50-pound cable ties to provide stability when securing bundles. Excellent performance in extreme environmental conditions for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications; on varnished, powder coated, metal or plastic surfaces; in electrical equipment; and where drilling a hole is not possible or desirable.
  • HellermannTyton 151-01528 Flexible Cable Tie Mounting Base
  • Category: Cable Tie Mounting Bases
  • Manufacturer: HellermannTyton
  • One base fits more surfaces- flat, curved, and moderately angled for versatile applications
  • High-strength, weather resistant adhesive offers excellent performance indoors and out
  • 4-way opening allows parallel or perpendicular cable routing options
  • Material: Nylon 6.6 Heat Stabilized 
  • Flammability Rating: UL-94 V2
  • Length: 1.1"
  • Width: 1.1"
  • Height: 0.25"
Flexible Cable Tie Mount Demonstration
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Connector, 6 Position
  • Yazaki 7287-9266-10, Sealed 2.8 Series Female Connector
  • Category: Yazaki Connectors
  • Manufacturer: Yazaki
  • Component Type: Female Connector
  • # of Circuits: 6 Circuit
  • Featuring compact size with tab width of male terminal 2.8mm
  • Material: Heat resistance nylon
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