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Lovato LPZP2A8 2-Hole Control Station Enclosure

Item #: 44150
Manufacturer Item: LPZP2A8
Manufacturer: Lovato Electric Inc
Min. Order Qty: 1
Available: 26
Quantity Price
10+ 13.8400
50+ 12.2100
RoHS Compliant
  • Rugged, reliable and customizable switches manufactured by¬†Lovato
  • Modular construction with rear panel locking screws
  • Control station enclosures, switch operators and contact elements are all sold separately
  • Control station enclosures are available in 1-hole, 2-hole and 3-hole sizes
  • Operators made of aluminum and zinc alloy and require mounting adapter to make a complete connection
  • Contact elements snap onto the mounting adapters of the operators and are keyed to ensure proper alignment
  • Contact elements are stackable depending on control station depth
  • Recommended maximum stack of contact elements is 2 deep
  • 3A @ 24V DC
  • 6A @ 120V AC
  • Weather resistant, IP65 rated

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