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J1939 Power Splitters
Blue Sea Systems Mini OLED Meters
Master Disconnect Switches Littelfuse
Center, 8 relays
The mVEC is a power distribution slave module that distributes power to other devices in a vehicle, and communicates over a CAN bus. Because it is a slave module, the mVEC relies on other CAN modules to control its relays and monitor component status messages.
The mVEC is ideal for various applications including heavy truck, construction, agriculture, transit bus and coach, marine, recreational vehicle, and specialty vehicle applications. The mVEC is a cost effective solution for power distribution systems that require the ability to monitor and control relays and fuses; and a great replacement for complex, fully electronic (solid state) power distribution modules. 
  • EATON 31M-000-2 Mulitplex Vehicle Electrical Center
  • Category: Power Distribution Modules
  • Manufacturer: EATON
  • Acts as a slave module on a J1939/CAN open network, communicating via the vehicle data bus with the master controller
  • Functions as a node in an existing vehicle J1939/CAN multiplexing network
  • Controls relays via direction of J1939 CAN bus
  • Reports status of relays and fuses each second to the J1939 CAN bus, indicating any blown fuse or failed relay
  • Supports both 12V and/or 24V electrical requirements
  • Pre-populated with components that have 2.8mm blades (280-series components) module features:
    • 8 - ISO Micro Relay with Resistor
    • NO Amp: 35A
    • NC Amp: 20A
    • Voltage Range: 12-24 VDC
    • 16 - 10A ATM MINI Fuse
    • 1 - Fuse Puller
  • Output: 8 way power distribution connectors used with tanged terminals
  • Input: studded input supports two M8 input power studs for DC power
  • CAN connector provides CAN signaling, power, ground, addressing, auxiliary relay control, and reserve connections to mVEC 'smart' layer
  • Max Current: 200A
  • 100 Per Input Stud (M8)
  • 30 Per Output Terminals
  • 100A Per Output Connector
  • Operating Temperature: 40F (-40C) to 185F (85C)
  • Ingress Protection: up to IP66 requirements
  • Output Terminals: Delphi Metri-Pack 280 Series (sealed tang or tangless) 
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Power Distribution Device
    Power Splitter and Distribution Device reduces wiring by splitting power and ground sensors to components like lights and other accessories at a central location by replacing the need for junction boxes and terminal strips.
    • Data Panel 37007-1 Deutsch Power Splitter & Power Distribution Device
    • Category: Power Splitters
    • Manufacturer: Data Panel
    • Provides improved connection quality with no splices, welds, or soldered joints
    • Taking the power and ground cable and splitting it out to 1 - (12) pin Deutsch Connector for fast power and ground distribution 
    • Mating Connector: 38430 or 38180
    • Contact: 31115 or 31109
    • Wedgelock: 38444 or 38192
    • Max Operating Current: 50A
    • Operating Voltage Range: 36 VDC Max
    • Operating Temperature: -40 to +80C
    • Power Stud Size: 3/8-16"
    • Ground Stud Size: 5/16-18"
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    58VDC 30A
    No wire splicing or cutting is necessary to install these, as this high quality add-a-circuit allows for easy installation of additional circuits. Easily turn one fuse slot into two, while providing protection for both circuits.
      • Micro3 Fused Circuit Tap
      • Category: Fuse Holders
      • 16GA Red UL1015 Wire
      • 5" leads with insulated butt connector
      • Max Current:
        • Existing Circuit - 30A
        • Add-on Circuit - 20A
      • Voltage Rating: 58V
      • Fuse Type: Micro3
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      Switch, Double Pole, DPDT, (On)-Off-(On), 16A
      • Carling Technologies STL2E1-53 Sealed Metal Toggle Switch
      • Category: Toggle Switches
      • Manufacturer: Carling Technologies
      • Rating: 16A
      • Suitable for low voltage 12/24VDC
      • Circuitry: DPDT
      • Contact Action: (On)-Off-(On)
      • Contact Type: (6) 1/4" Blades
      • Dielectric Strength: 1000V
      • Mechanical Life: 150,000 cycles
      • Operating Temperature: -40C to +85C
      • Comply with ML-DTL-3950G Requirements
      • IEC 60529 IP68 Sealing Performance
      • Complies with UL 61058-1
      • Typical applications: Off-Highway Vehicles, Military Equipment, Armored Vehicles, Law Enforcement Vehicles
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      GPT Wire, 12" Wire Leads
      Typically used in marine type applications and utility trailers with certain hydraulic surge breakers and/or back-up lights.
      • Molded Female 5 Way Connector
      • Category: Trailer Connectors
      • Will mate to all existing standard 5 flat connectors, and are weather and moisture resistant
      • 12" GPT wires in white, brown, yellow, green and blue
      • Molded color-coded wire
      • 16GA wire
      • Contacts are .180" diameter
      • GPT wire has PVC jacket
      • SAE J928
      • Wires are color coded in accordance to popular SAE trailer wiring recommendations
      • Designed to offer an auxiliary electrical line for your towing needs 
      • # of Contacts: 5
      • Material: Rubber
      • Leads: 12" GPT Wires
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      with Resistor, 897-1AH-C-R1-U03-12VDC
      These high power automotive relays provide a wide range of solutions for DC electrical systems. High temperature endurance up to 125 degree C and equipped with resistor. Relay operates normally open up to 70A at 12V DC.
      • Song Chuan Mini Relay
      • Category: Mechanical Relays & Connectors
      • Manufacturer: Song Chuan
      • Component Type: Mini Relay
      • Contact Action: SPNO
      • NO Amp: 70A
      • Volt Rating: 12V
      • Terminals: Two 3/8", Two 1/4"
      • No bracket
      • Resistor included
      • Space saving relay with high current capacity
      • Designed to perform in temperatures as low as -40F (-40C) and as high as 275F (125C)
      • Ideal for use in a variety of automotive applications including started motors, hazard-warning lights, ignition and battery disconnect relays, etc.
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