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Blue Sea 7601 M-Series Automatic Charging Relay, 65A

Item #: 78000
Manufacturer Item: 7601
Manufacturer: Blue Sea Systems
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  • Blue Sea 7601 M-Series Automatic¬†Charging Relay
  • Category:¬†Battery Chargers
  • Manufacturer:¬†Blue Sea Systems
  • The Mini Automatic Charging Relay (M-ACR) is designed to manage the charging current from alternators up to 65 Amps
  • Start Isolation (SI) protects sensitive electronics by temporarily isolating house loads from the engine circuit during engine cranking
  • The compact design allows for three mounting styles: surface, rear, or panel mount
  • Senses charging on two battery banks
  • Pull off and snap on insulating cover
  • LED indicates ACR status
  • Waterproof - rated IP67 for temporary immersion
  • Amperage Operating Current 90mA (Combine), 15mA (Open)
  • Amperage Rating of 65A Continuous or 115A for up to 5 minutes
  • Relay Contact Position: Open (max) 16.0V. Open (10 sec) 12.35V DC. Open (30 sec) 12.75V DC. Combined (30 sec) 13.6V DC
  • Under Voltage lockout @ 9.5V
  • 6 AWG to meet ratings. 1/0 AWG Maximum cable size
  • 1/4"-20 Terminal stud size

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