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HMI MC0030

HMI MC0030 1 Position Momentary CAM for HMI CAN Switch

Item #: 80173
Manufacturer Item: MC0030
Manufacturer: HMI Systems
Min. Order Qty: 4
Available: 47
Quantity Price
20+ 1.1200
100+ 1.0600
RoHS Compliant
The 482CRM utilizes a patented system of optical interrupters to create a switch output, which means no electrical contacts within the switch. The 482CRM provides interchangeable cams. This cam is 1 position momentary.
Other switch configurations include:
  • ¬†2 position momentary
  • 2 & 3 position stationary¬†
  • 2 position momentary / 1 position stationary
These cams are designed on a simple snap-in platform that allows for easy and inexpensive assemblies and modifications. In addition, switch banks greater than eight position can be combined by dovetailing multiple units together.

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