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Rostra 250-2950-25 SourcePWR Module, 7.5A, 12V

Item #: 93014
Manufacturer Item: 250-2950-25
Min. Order Qty: 1
Available: 16
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10+ 32.6700
SourcePWR is an intelligent device that can automatically detect when your vehicle's engine is on in order to supply power to your connected accessories. It automatically powers down these accessories when the engine turns off and enters a sleep mode so that no power is drawn from the battery. While SourcePWR connects directly to your vehicle's battery, it provides installers with a way of isolating the installation of their accessories from other more sensitive electronics.
  • Rostra 250-2950-25 SourcePWR Module
  • Category: Power Distribution Modules
  • Manufacturer: Rostra
  • Save time and money - Source PWR is an innovative 7.5A power module designed to create a simple, cost effective accessory output for situations where one is not available or to simplify any 12-volt accessory installation
  • Connect this device directly to the vehicle battery to power any device up to 7.5A when the vehicle is powered on
  • A smart logic circuit in the module automatically turns off power when the vehicle is no longer running. Never search for a twelve volt power source again!
  • Wire Size: 20 AWG Stranded
  • Input Voltage: 12-16 VDC
  • Input Current Fuse: 7.5A Max Amperage
  • Output Voltage: 13.6V
  • Rating: IP54

Power Distribution Modules

Input Voltage
12-16V Input
Ingress Protection
Output Voltage
13.6V Output