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Delphi APEX 2.8mm Series
Song Chuan High Power Relays
Blue Sea Short Stop Circuit Breakers
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  • Blue Sea 1741 Mini OLED Temperature Monitor
  • Category: Digital Gauges
  • Manufacturer: Blue Sea Systems
  • Compact size enables mounting in any convenient location
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Mounts in a common 1-1/8 (29mm) hole
  • Convenient temperature monitoring
  • Temperatures range from -40C to 125C (-40F to 250F)
  • Measures in Farenheit or Celsius
  • Accuracy: ± 1.25%
  • Includes Blue Sea Systems item #1821 - Universal Temperature Sensor
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OHM Terminating Resistor, J1939
AT Series J-1939/11, 3-Pin connectors offer a high performance, reliable and cost effective solution for the SAE 3 position CAN Network requirements. This series is designed to be completely compatible with existing industry standard J1939/11 connectors and provides a complete line of connectors including Y receptacles, network terminations with 120 OHM resistors, and keyed wedgelocks to prevent mis-mating.
  • Amphenol AT06-3S-RJ120, 3 Way Plug
  • Category: Deutsch DT Compatible - AT Connectors
  • Manufacturer: Amphenol
  • Deutsch Part # DT04-3S-P006
  • Component Type: Plug
  • # of Pins: 3
  • Deutsch DT compatible connector line
  • Wedgelock: AW3S-1939 Included
  • Contact Type: Socket
  • High-performance & cost-effective Deutsch DT replacement
  • Durable thermoplastic housings offer excellent UV resistance, dielectric/mechanical properties and RoHS compliance 
  • Front and rear silicone, multi-sealing against environmental ingress
  • Integral latching system ensures definitive electrical and mechanical connection
  • Pin terminals and Socket terminals can be interchangeable with Deutsch DT terminals
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Module, 72 Position
The GEP series PDM has been expanded to provide additional component flexibility for increasing power demands in today's electrical systems. This sealed, compact and rugged power distribution module is an excellent solution for the transportation OEM.
  • GEP Power Products PDM-S3AC1 Power Distribution Module
  • Category: Power Distribution Modules
  • Manufacturer: GEP Power Products
  • Expanded 72 terminal position capacity
  • Accepts Delphi Metri-Pack 280 Terminals
  • Designed for Higher Power Applications
  • Top mount with cover
  • Optional TPA's available, 38532
  • PDM's interlock to allow for component add-ons and system growth
  • Designed to withstand harsh environments
  • Accepts a combination of 2.8mm components - MINI, Circuit Breakers and Diodes
  • Temperature Rating: -40C to + 125C
  • Housing and Cover: Thermoplastic
  • Seal: Silicone 
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16-14 AWG, Heat Shrink Insulated
  • Molex 19164-0044 Butt Connectors
  • Category: Butt Connectors
  • Manufacturer: Molex
  • Series: Perma-Seal
  • Color: Blue
  • Insulation: Heat Shrink
  • Wire Gauge: 16-14 AWG
  • Material: Tin plated copper
  • Linear shrink: +1/-10%
  • Minimum shrink temperature: 194°F (90°C)
  • Operating temperature: -67°F(-55°C) to 257°F (125°C)
  • Durable even immersed in anti-freeze, brake fluid and other chemicals
  • Reduces labor costs and time - 40% faster shrinking than polyolefin or nylon products
  • Wall thickness is significantly thicker than competing polyolefin or nylon products, providing excellent durability
  • Perma-Seal Ring Terminals and Perma-Seal Quick Disconnects also available
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Power Distribution Module, 200A
  • EATON's Bussmann Series 31S-000-0 ssVEC Power Distribution Module
  • Category: Power Distribution Modules
  • Manufacturer: EATON
  • Max Rating: 200A
  • This pre-populated module features an 8 relay plus 8 fuse configuration
    • Custom configurations available: Maximum 12 relays / 32 fuses, or various combinations thereof - please call us
  • Operating Temperature: -40c to 85c
  • Weathertight
  • Severe Service Vehicle Electrical Center (ssVEC) parts included:
    • 3 - 10amp ATM mini fuse
    • 3 - 15amp ATM mini fuse
    • 3 - 20amp ATM mini fuse
    • 3 - 30amp ATM mini fuse
    • 8 - ISO 280 Micro Relay with Resistor
      • NO Amp: 35A
      • NC Amp: 20A
      • Volt Rating: 12V
    • 1 - fuse puller
  • For Power Distribution Connectors, correspond with below parts:
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Compact ATO Fuse Holder holds up to 10 ATO blade fuses, with a combined amperage up to 210A. Perfect for accessory and overflow circuits from main power distribution module, or as a main module on smaller vehicles. 
  • Littelfuse PDM61001ZXM ATO Fuse Box
  • Category: Power Distribution Modules
  • Manufacturer: Littelfuse
  • Easy to connect wires into the back of the unit using industry standard Tyco sealed power terminals
  • Without internal bussing, it enables the user to customize the circuitry 
  • Can also be interlocked with dovetail slots with Littelfuse PDM's, FLEC Power Distribution Module, HWB60, MEGA-Flex and Midi-Flex
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Accepts Tyco MCP Terminals
  • Contents include: Cover, Gasket & TPA's
  • Max Fuse Rating: 40A Per Circuit
  • Max Continuous Current: 210A
  • Number of fuse locations: 10
  • Ingress Protection: IP67
  • Operating Temperature: -40C - 85C
  • Material: UL94-VO Thermoplastic
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