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MP Recessed Trip Button Circuit Breakers
TE AMPSEAL 16 Connectors
TE Quick Access Mini Fuse Holder
Resistor, 897-1AH-C1S-R1-24VDC
  • Song Chuan Maxi Relay, 25A, 24V, SPNO with Resistor
  • Category: Mechanical Relays & Connectors
  • Manufacturer: Song Chuan
  • Component Type: Maxi Relay
  • Contact Action: SPNO
  • NO Amp: 25A
  • Volt Rating: 24V DC
  • Terminals: Two 2/8", Two 1/4"
  • Steel Bracket Mount
  • Resistor Included
  • Space saving relay with high current capacity
  • Designed to perform in temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C) and as high as 275°F (125°C)
  • Ideal for use in a variety of automotive applications including starter motors, hazard-warning lights, ignition and battery disconnect relays, etc.
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On-Off Battery Switch with AFD, 600A, 32V
Alternator Field Disconnect (AFD) is a feature of some battery switches. AFD protects the diodes in the alternator if the battery switch is switched to the OFF position while the engine is running.

Packaged for retail use only. For bulk product, see item 78411B (must be logged in to purchase bulk)
  • Blue Sea Systems 3001 HD-Series Heavy Duty On-Off Battery Switch
  • Category: Battery Disconnects
  • Manufacturer: Blue Sea Systems
  • Includes AFD (Alternator Field Disconnect)
  • Ignition protected - safe for installation aboard gasoline powered boats
  • Case design allows surface or rear panel mounting
  • Accepts two 4/0 AWG (95mm²) battery cables
  • 32V D Maximum Voltage
  • 1 Battery Input
  • 2 Switch Positions
  • Continuous rating of 600A. Intermittent rating of 900A (5 minutes)
  • 4/0 AWG (120mm²) Cable size to meet ratings
  • Terminal stud size 1/2" (M12)
  • Terminal stud torque 220 in-lb (24.86 Nm)
  • 1/4" (M6) Screw for mounting
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Disconnect Switch with Lock Out, 600A
  • Cole Hersee 880154 Terra SR Series Battery Disconnect Switch with Lock Out
  • Category: Battery Disconnects
  • Manufacturer: Cole Hersee
  • SR Series
  • Switch Type: Mechanical
  • Circuitry: SPST
  • Amp Rating: 600A
  • Max Volts: 32V
  • Contact Action: On-Off
  • High Cranking, Panel mount with lock out
  • Temp. Range: -58°F (-50°C) to 221°F (105°C)
  • Terminal stud size 3/8"-16 x 7/8" long
  • Isolate high current DC circuits from battery sources
  • Stainless steel hardware and tin-plated copper studs
  • Pad lock out for protection from tampering or when the electrical system is being serviced
  • Ignition protection to SAE J1171 and ISO 8846 for installation in a battery box for vehicles carrying hazardous loads
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Female Receptacle, Key A
The high-performance, compact MXP120 Sealed Connection System is designed to perform in harsh environments and can replace common 1.50mm systems in space-constrained safety-restraint, body electronics and powertrain applications.
  • Molex 34900-3120 MXP120 Sealed 3 Circuit Female Receptacle
  • Category: MXP120 Connectors
  • Manufacturer: Molex
  • Compatible with USCAR interfaces
  • IP68 Rated
  • Secure mating performance
  • Meets power requirements up to 13A
  • Suitable for sealed safety-restraint, body electronics and powertrain applications
  • Ensures efficient terminal positioning and detection of partial installation of terminals
  • Female receptacles feature integral locking-latch with bridge protection and audible click
  • Designed to be used with TE MCON 1.2mm Terminals
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Clear Cover, 100A Max, 32V, Screw Load Connectors
  • Standard ATOF /ATC 10 Position Fuse Block with Clear Cover
  • Category: Fuse Holders
  • UL Flame Rating Base: 94V-0
  • Tin plated copper terminal connections
  • Load Connection: M4 Screws
  • Input Terminal: 10-32 Threaded Stud
  • Clear insulating cover designed for water and dust proofing
  • Input Wire Size: #4-6 AWG
  • Output Wire Size: #12-16 AWG
  • 30A Per Circuit - 100A Max Current Rating
This function is not yet complete
Separator, 12V, 200A with 1/4" Male Disconnects
Trombetta's Battery Separator solution features a modern, integrated package that eliminates dated side saddle mounting of electronics on a standard solenoid with exposed bus bars and wires. Available with Start Assist to provide a cost effective and power saving device ideal for all truck, RV, and emergency vehicle applications.
  • Trombetta SBS-200-001 Magnetic Latching Battery Separator
  • Category: Battery Separators
  • Manufacturer: Trombetta
  • Voltage Monitoring Studs: (2) M8 Studs
  • Termination: (3) 18 gauge wire leads with 1/4" Male Disconnects
  • SAE J1455
  • Maximum Start Assist Battery Voltage Difference: 0.85 Volts
  • Minimum Start Assist Signal Voltage: 1.5 Volts
  • While the Start Assist Signal Voltage (VSS) is applied to the Start Assist Input -and- the difference between the battery voltages are within the Start Override Battery Difference (VSBD), the contactor will be Closed to assist with vehicle starting
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