Anderson Powerpole Connectors and Plugs

Anderson connectors are a form of multi-pin connectors that comes in Powerpole and Multipole Power SB50, SB175, and SB350 series systems. The multipole connectors provide a quick disconnect for power distribution systems in mobile and industrial equipment. They are commonly used in battery or charging applications, and are offered in three sizes for 50A, 175A, and 350A.

Multipole Anderson connector housings are color coded and keyed for easy installation and to prevent accidental cross mating of circuits. Available in kits with one housing and two contacts, or assemble your own connector by purchasing two contacts and one housing separately.

Anderson Powerpole connectors provide simplified assembly and minimize the number of components. Each powerpole module is a genderless, single-pole connector half, which can be dovetailed. Stack or connect in-line. For a complete Anderson powerpole connector system, order one contact with each housing. 15, 30 and 45 amp sizes use the same housings but different contacts.
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  • Anderson Power Products 1327G7-BK Powerpole Connector Housing
  • Category: Anderson Connectors
  • Manufacturer: Anderson Power Products
  • Component Type: Housing
  • Housing Color: White
  • Series: Powerpole
  • Gauge (AWG): 20-10
  • Amp Rating: 45A
  • Powerpole connectors can be used in line
  • 15, 30 and 45 amp sizes use the same housings, but different contacts
  • Each Powerpole Connector is a genderless, single-pole connector half, which can be dovetailed
  • For a complete system, order one contact with each housing
  • Powerpole housing plugs are available for use with Powerpole 15 and 45 amps. They can be mounted in a variety of configurations for modular assemblies
  • One housing plug comes with a latch to mate with the other housing plug for a locked connection
  • Place a spacer key in an empty contact slot and secure assembly with a retaining pin
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Anderson Power Products
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RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
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