Deutsch DT Connectors and Amphenol AT Connectors

AT Series Amphenol electrical connectors are designed to be interchangeable with Deutsch DT connectors, offering the convenience of a drop-in replacement in a high-performance and cost-effective package. Amphenol AT connectors are suited for transportation, agriculture, military, heavy equipment, and mobile off-highway applications that require superior environmental seals.

The AT connector series of interchangeable Deutsch DT multi-pin connectors offers industry-leading seal retention capabilities and unique contact technologies that boost performance while maintaining drop-in compatibility with all other existing standard products industry-wide. Waytek’s selection of Amphenol AT interchangeable Deutsch DT connectors can be ordered quickly and easily online, and is available at a discount for high quantity orders.
As with any military, agricultural, transportation and/or heavy equipment electrical applications protecting and controlling the circuit is vital. Waytek’s automotive cross-link wire is more durable and resistant to heat than standard GPT automotive wire, which makes it ideal for use in various industrial equipment and vehicle applications. Whether it’s attaching a relay, an Amphenol AT connector, fuse holder or another circuit protection device, Waytek has you covered.

Looking for a different multi-pin Deutsch connector similar to an Amphenol AT connector? Consider a Deutsch DTM compatible – Amphenol ATM connector. Feel free to call us at 800-328-2724 or email us at if you have any questions.