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Automotive Fuses, Electrical Fuses & More

Because vehicle and mobile equipment’s electrical systems are constantly evolving, there is a wide range of options when it comes to automotive fuses.

Blade fuses have a plastic body and two prongs that fit into sockets. They are commonly used in automobiles and can be mounted in a variety of fuse holders and fuse blocks. They are available not only in several amp strengths but also in four different sizes. Maxi blade fuses are used when a high amperage circuit is required from 20-80 amps. All blade fuses are color-coded to indicate their amps. Waytek also carries blade fuses with an indicator light that glows brightly when the fuse is blown, which eliminates guesswork and increases efficiency even when blown fuses are located in hard-to-reach areas.

High amp AMG, ANN and ANL fuses are ideal for battery and alternator cables requiring ultra-high current protection. With a bolt down design, they are easy to mount in fuse blocks and durable in high vibration applications. MIDI fuses are the space and weight saving high amp bolt-down fuses on the market. They are nearly half the size of AMG, ANN and ANL fuses and are capable of carrying the same currents.
Protect your electrical projects and applications from overcurrent by pairing your automotive fuses with Waytek’s extensive line of fuse holders and power distribution modules. If you’re looking to protect your application or battery from excessive draw when the voltage drops too low, a low voltage disconnect switch (LVD) is what you need.