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Looking for automotive lights and accessories? Waytek Wire, Inc. is your one-stop website for superior quality lights and accessories. Waytek offers a wide variety of lighting products, from LED Indicator Lights for use in instrumentation panels, to Flashers for strobe lights and more. Waytek also carries a wide variety of stop lights, turn signal lights, and side clearance marker lights, to suit all of your car light needs. Our high quality LED automotive lights, accessory lights and work lights can be purchased for great deals online. Whether in need of brake lights or replacement bulbs , Waytek has the lights and accessories you need for any automotive application. We also offer high quality work lights and utility lights to make it possible to work in even the darkest work space. Our fluorescent work lights can be used to light remote locations or workspace and come in a variety of options.
Ultimately, a quality utility or work light allows for longer work hours to finish up those jobs with strict deadlines. With our set of lighting accessories you can achieve a customized look for your car, replace missing or broken parts, and much more. Protect your trailer lights from the elements and high voltage currents with trailer wiring/cable from Waytek. For added protection, pair it with one of our thousands of circuit protection products, from fuses and fuse holders to diodes and circuit breakers. Waytek has everything you need to safely illuminate your trailer. Trailer lights (i.e. brake, clearance/marker, and stop-tail-turn lights) don’t work without the proper trailer connectors, so whether you’re looking to replace your old trailer connector or install a new one, check out Waytek’s huge selection of trailer connector products. For more information and specific products related to automotive lights and accessories, click on the links below. .

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