Ignition Switches & Keyed Ignition Switches

Ignition switches activate the starter motor and provide power to start accessories like lights, power windows, and more. Marine ignition switches are suitable for harsh environments with the ignition switch body material available in brass or PVC casing.

Since ignition switches can't handle high current alone, connect an electrical solenoid between the ignition switch and the motor, and it will remotely switch high current for starting a motor, when a lower current, from the ignition switch, is applied to its electromagnet coil. This will help extend the life of your ignition switch.
Ignition switches are what turn your equipment off and on, so protect the wire and electrical connections running into the switch with heat shrink tubing and butt connectors. From PVC heat shrink tubing designed to protect against moisture and abrasions to extra heavy-duty polyolefin heat shrink tubing for increased resistance and protection in more harsh automotive conditions against flame, gas and other chemicals, Waytek has everything you need to keep your electrical wires safe and in good working order.

For those looking to control multiple circuits with a single signal, consider adding a mechanical relay to your application’s circuit. Choose from a variety of electrical relays, from high capacity power relays to standard mini automotive relays, and micro ISO 280 relays.

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