Rocker Switches for Marine and Automotive Use

Waytek Wire's rocker switches are high performing, both aesthetically and functionally. Choose from easy to install miniature, illuminated, round or rectangle rocker styles. Waytek carries waterproof rocker switches that are fully encased for superior moisture and dust resistance.

Rocker switches are typically used in mechanical applications for automotive, machinery, and industrial installations. Often they are illuminated and offer some tactile indication of the on and off positions. Use nylon insulated quick disconnects and GPT automotive primary wire for a complete connection.

Narrow your search for a custom rocker switch by selecting a category on the left. To learn more about rocker switches and automotive switches, or to place an order, contact the Waytek sales department at 800.328.2724.
Waytek is your one-stop-shop for all your automotive and marine rocker switches and accessories. Protect your switches from damaging currents by pairing it with one of Waytek’s thousands of fuses or fuse holders. Choose from a wide range of fuses, from hi-amp AMG, ANN and ANL fuses to blade type Bussmann fuses. Waytek also carries MDI fuses (small and lightweight bolt down fuses), which are nearly half the size of ANN, AMG and ANL fuses, but capable of carrying the same currents.

To seal your connections against moisture, dust, chemicals and harsh engine compartment fluids connect your electrical circuit to your rocker switch using Weather-Pack connectors, which is designed to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures making them ideal for use various industrial and marine applications.

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