Automotive & Marine Toggle Switches

Waytek’s toggle switches come in nylon or metal, and sealed or unsealed actuator styles, in addition to heavy duty toggle switch designs for when extra high amp rating is needed. The reversing switch is a DPDT control for motors and can be connected with back-up alarms. Sealed models with weather resistant plastic coating can be used for marine and heavy duty equipment applications.

From safety covers to prevent accidental actuation to weatherproof boots, several accessories have also been designed to provide years of safe and dependable toggle switch use. To learn more about toggle switches and electrical switches, contact the Waytek sales department at 800.328.2724.
Looking for other components to pair with your toggle switches that are able to handle harsh environments? Waytek’s got you covered. Consider pairing your DPDT toggle switch with a continuous or intermittent solenoid, for those hi-amp switching applications, or choose from one of our hundreds of solid state relays, which require relatively low control-circuit energy to switch the output state of the relay.

Waytek also carries a wide variety of wire terminals and connectors to help you attach your solenoids and/or solid state relays to your circuit. For a full list of Waytek’s toggle switch related products and components to pair with your toggle switches click on the links below.

  • Electrical Solenoids
  • Wire Connectors & Terminals
  • Solid State Relays