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Bulk Automotive Tape & Wire Tape

Waytek carries a wide variety of automotive tapes from electrical tape, 3M reflective tape and conspicuity tape to duct tape and packaging tapes for transportation, off-road and industrial applications.

Electrical tape from Waytek is offered in an assortment of colors and specs for any level of durability you need. From a durable generic PVC electrical tape that insulates and protects electrical under hood splices to 3M Scotch Super 33+ tape, with a slightly higher temperature rating for the most rugged conditions.

Reflective and conspicuity tape is used for marking sides and the rear of trailers and trucks for higher visibility. Waytek carries 3M Diamond Grade Conspicuity marking tape which is 6 times brighter than conventional markings. All of Waytek’s reflective and marking tapes meet DOT NHTSA requirements.

For your sealing and bonding tape needs, choose from a variety of masking tapes, duct tapes, strapping tapes, sealing tapes, and 3M’s Very High Bonding Tape, VHB Tape, which is a double sided bonding tape, ideal for bonding metal in trucks, control panels and mounting vinyl wiring ducts. All of these tapes are available online at Waytek Wire, and are in stock, ready to ship.
With such a wide variety of automotive tapes to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the type of tape you’re looking for. Whether it’s reflective conspicuity tape to illuminate the side of your vehicle, electrical tape to keep out moisture, dirt, and protect your electrical connections from excessive heat, or 3M VHB tape (sealing and bonding tape) for mounting wiring ducts, and bonding metal in trucks and control panels.

While there are, tapes designed to protect spliced wire connections, consider using tape alongside various perma-seal wire terminals and heat shrink fabric sleeving for an even more permanent and protective seal. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Feel free to call us at 800-328-2724, or write to sales@waytekwire.com. We’re happy to answer your questions.
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