Double Row Terminal Blocks & Double Row Terminal Strips

Double row terminal blocks are used with general purpose electrical connectors. They help eliminate splicing and can conserve panel space when used to construct high density circuitry. The exact dimensions of the double row terminal strip will vary depending on the number of positions, voltage, and amp ratings. Designed in numerous combinations of amp and volt configurations, ours are available in 20, 30, & 75 amp models with 150, 300, or 600 volt styles and can offer anywhere from 2 to 12 positions.

Prevent shorts, eliminate splicing, tidy up your harness and conserve panel space with our electrical terminal blocks. For more information about double row terminal blocks from Waytek, and the ring terminals and spade connectors they work with, call 800.328.2724. Our customer service representatives are happy to take your call.
Combine Waytek’s double row terminal blocks with a 3M or Molex spade terminal for easy attachment and removal. Block spade and flange spade terminals are ideal for use with terminal blocks, as their narrow design enables them to fit easily between screws. For additional information and products to pair with your double row terminal blocks, visit the links below.

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  • Wire Tubing & Conduit
  • Electrical Conduit Fittings