DIN Rail for Mounting

Waytek carries 35mm DIN Rail, a metal mounting system that is ideal for mounting circuit protection products, terminal blocks and relays in compartments and equipment. DIN Rails offered by Waytek come in your choice of aluminum or steel material. The aluminum DIN Rail is suited for humid environments and rated to resist corrosion and salt spray. The steel DIN Rail is treated with a white passivation process, which offers more than double the corrosion resistance than the traditional treatment.
Easily mount things like automotive circuit breakers and junction blocks inside of your equipment rack with Waytek’s aluminum or steel 35mm DIN Rail. DIN Rail is just one of the many electrical wiring accessories that Waytek carries. To learn more about our 35mm DIN Rail, or to place an order, contact the Waytek sales department at 800.328.2724. Our sales team is always available and willing to help.