Bullet Connectors, Bullet Terminals, & More

Bullet connectors from Waytek Wire are simple, durable wire connectors used in many electrical applications. Designed to ensure safe and convenient automotive electrical wiring connections, bullet terminals are available in any size and quantity. Our bullet connectors are offered in a variety of insulation styles, including vinyl, nylon, and heat shrink insulated, as well as non-insulated.
Just as bullet connectors are designed to easily connect and protect the connection of two electrical wires, heat shrink tubing, fuse holders, cable clamps, and other devices are designed to protect other parts of your marine electrical circuits or automotive applications. No matter how harsh the environment your application operates in or how many amps flow through your circuit, Waytek has the electrical products and accessories you need to protect and organize your applications wires and connections to keep it running smoothly.

For additional bullet connector related products as well as products to help protect your wires and equipment visit the links below.

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