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Molex Mizu P25 Waterproof Mini Connectors & More

Molex Mizu-P25 Connectors save space and weight with their compact 2.5mm pitch, 22-20 gauge size, and low-profile friction locks which ensure a secure connection. Designed with an integral housing seal to protect electrical connections from moisture, chemicals, and other environmental factors, Mizu-P25 Connectors perform well in high vibration areas, making them the ideal choice for truck, trailer, off-road, marine, and other tough environments. These Molex connectors are commonly used for mirror motor harnesses, switches, and wiper applications where splash-proof performance is required.

Molex has designed its Mizu-P25 connectors for a wide variety of applications. Their waterproof connectors comprise of two different product families to accommodate the specific needs of various applications, from trucks and other commercial vehicles to recreational boats and more.

Mizu-P25 Connectors include a number of unique features that set them apart from the competition. Chief among these are user-friendly friction locks, polarizing ribs, and a special seal stopper that provides waterproof protection without requiring a high insertion force (for some circuits, a cap-fitting tool may be needed to lock the seal into the housing). The friction locks provide a secure connection every time, while saving space and protecting the hatch. The polarizing ribs work with the raised split-beam male terminal design to prevent incorrect terminal insertion and ensure proper mating. The female terminals include a unique spring-beam design that provides high-pressure and small-deflection for high-vibration applications.