Delphi Metri-Pack Connectors

Providing high-current density in a small and compact design, the Metri-Pack series from Delphi connectors offers an excellent resistance to temperature, chemicals and abrasion. Ideal for use in automotive, marine and agricultural applications, the metri-pack wire connectors available from Waytek are in stock and ready to ship the same day your order is placed.

Metri-Pack 150 Series. These in-line Delphi connectors are ideal for space-limited applications, and are used in high demand situations along with low-energy electronic circuits. As with all Metri-Packs, the Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) holds the terminals firmly in the connector bodies and act as strain reliefs. Delphi Connector Position Assurance (CPA) secures the mating halves together. The triple-rib silicone coated Packard cable seals ensure a completely sealed configuration. Rated for 16 volts and 14 amps.

Metri-Pack 280 Series. These in-line Delphi connectors feature high current and current density in a small, compact design. Because of their excellent resistance to temperature, chemicals, and abrasions, Metri-Pack 280 connectors may be used in under-hood automotive applications as well as most marine, off-road, and agricultural applications. Rated for 16 volts and 30 amps, Delphi connectors must be used in conjunction with a sealed Splice Pack system.

Metri-Pack 480 Series. These sealed Delphi connectors are well suited for the rigorous demands of under-hood vehicle, marine, and industrial applications. TPAs and a triple-rib silicone coated cable seals, you can be confident that these terminals are secure and protected. Rated up to 42 amps, they perform in temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C) and as high as 257°F (125°C).

Metri-Pack 630 Series. These sealed connectors are designed for applications that require protection from environmental hazards. They meet or exceed the requirements for most marine, appliance, and industrial control applications. Rated for up to 46 amps, like the 480 delphi connector series, they can withstand temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C) and as high as 257°F (125°C). TPAs and triple-rib silicone coated Packard cable seals provide an always secure and completely protected connection.
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