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Weather Pack Connectors from Delphi Packard

Delphi Weather Pack, also known as Delphi Packard Weatherpack, are popular wire connectors commonly used in automotive applications as they seal against moisture, dust and dirt. Weather Pack Connectors can withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, harsh engine compartment fluids and chemicals, making them ideal for industrial, heavy equipment and marine applications. Terminals are designed to mate with appropriate cable seals.

The female connector (tower connector) and the male connector (shroud connector) locks together with dual-lock tangs to secure terminals firmly into the connector housing, and ensure strong electrical conductivity. Weather Pack connectors are made of a self-lubricating silicone and are multi-ribbed to prevent moisture and other contaminants from entering the connector and causing terminal corrosion. The seal is placed on the wire and then the terminal is crimped to the seal.

Ordering Weather Pack Connectors:
  1. Determine how many contacts are required for your application
  2. Select the receptacle and plug connector bodies
  3. Select your terminals (Weather Pack terminals are available in 22-18 gauge, 16-14 gauge and 12 gauge sizes)
  4. Order one terminal for each contact location, in each connector body (ex. 2 way plug connector body would need 2 female terminals, and the 2 way receptacle connector body would need 2 male terminals)
  5. Choose cable seals based on wire gauge
  6. Select the crimping tool required for your terminals and seals (Weather-Pack crimping tools are recommended to assure a good seal and sound crimp. Cavity plugs are required for all unused pin locations)
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  • Delphi 12034342 Weather Pack Female Tower
  • Category: Weather Pack Connectors
  • Manufacturer: Delphi
  • 5 Circuits
  • Component Type: Tower Half
  • Delphi Weather Pack Connectors are sealed against moisture, dust and air
  • Cable seals must be used with mating terminals to create a weather-tight connection
  • Use the cavity plug for all pin locations not filled with terminals
  • Connector body comes with a self-lubricating silicone seal to reduce the engagement assembly force
  • Weather pack connectors have a wide temperature from -40 to 257 and can withstand high heat under hood applications
Assembly Instructions
  • Apply the cable seal to your wire before stripping
  • Align the cable seal wire insulation
  • Insert Weather Pack terminal using a crimping tool, then position the wire and seal in place
  • Crimp and visually inspect for good crimp before installing in connector body 
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RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
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