Splice Pack Automotive Connector System & More

The sealed splice pack system from Waytek becomes a sealed in-line mini fuse and mini circuit breaker holder for one to three circuits. Common busbar converts the unit into a convenient splicing system and sealed terminals and caps offer a completely weather-tight assembly. Complete assembly requires cable seals, terminals, connector body, cap and any common bars. Unused pin locations need a cavity plug and the TPA helps keep the terminals from pulling out.

For a perfect crimp, ratchet tools should be used. Mounting clips are offered to attach the splice pack assembly to your application. Extended caps are available when you need more height and a complete sealed system. Caps are designed to accommodate diodes, mini fuses and blade mount circuit breakers. They have special grooves so cable ties can be added to provide additional locking security. Connector parts are part of the Delphi Metri-Pack 280 series.
Protect your multi-pin connector splice pack system with fuses and/or fuse holders from Waytekwire.com. Choose from a variety of fuses including, ANN, ANL, Maxi, ACG, ATO/ATC, Blade type fuses and hundreds more. Whether you’re looking for a hi-amp fuse for use with your battery or alternator cables, a blade type fuse to use in an automobile, or a circuit breaker panel to use in place of a fuse holder, you’ll find everything you need to protect the equipment connected within your circuit at Waytek.