Delphi GT 150 Connectors & More

Delphi GT 150 Connectors have a small package size suited to fit the shrinking space requirements of today's vehicles and equipment. Tangless terminals with stamped serrations, Connector Position Assurance (CPA), Terminal Position Assurance (TPA), and Primary Lock Reinforcement (PLR) with positive connector seal retention make Delphi's GT 150 connectors easy to install and durable in heavy duty environments.
With so many complex products and accessories that can be added to on and off-road vehicles, the amount of wiring to keep organized can be overwhelming. CAN-Bus Cables not only reduce the amount of wiring, they also reduce electronic interference, offer high-speed network communication, and are resistant to abrasions and chemicals. For added cable management and organization, secure groups of cables with one of Waytek’s variety of cable ties. Whether you’re looking to organize a slew of wires or protect the wires and cables from various environmental factors, Waytek’s got the tools you need to get the job done.