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Our mission is to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Quality Policy

Waytek, Inc. is committed to quality by complying with customer and regulatory requirements. Each Waytek employee is personally responsible for the quality of his or her work and is empowered to initiate action to ensure both quality and continuous improvement within the organization.

Quality Objectives

  1. Maintain a formal quality system.
  2. Communicate the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives to all employees so that each employee understands his or her role in the quality system.
  3. Provide quality products and services by meeting the expectations of our customers.
  4. Foster an atmosphere of process improvement and problem prevention.
  5. Empower employees so that they can help improve the systems that affect their work.
  6. Provide education and training to all employees to support their health, welfare, and safety.
  7. Develop relationships with our suppliers that emphasize continuous improvement in product quality, service, and support.
  8. Monitor and measure processes and outputs to achieve desired organizational goals.
  9. Utilize these quality objects and provide the necessary resources to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality system.

Waytek Inc. Quality System

Waytek Inc. has been a distributor to the wire harness and manufacturing industries since 1975. Exceptional customer service and provision of high quality products have always been our top priorities.

Waytek had been registered to the ISO 9002 quality standard from 1996 to 12/14/03, when we let our registration expire. After careful evaluation of the costs versus benefits related to our quality system, we decided against pursuing certification to the ISO 9000:2000 quality standard, and now, the ISO 9000:2008 standard.

We will, however, continue with our own ISO based quality system. Our established goals and philosophies will remain unchanged. Our Policy Manual and quality measurements are available upon request. We feel we can maintain a higher level of customer satisfaction as we keep prices competitive by focusing our resources and attention on the needs of our customers and the products we provide.

We appreciate your inquiry and look forward to continuing business with your company. We would particularly like to hear from you if for any reason your decision to do business with Waytek is affected by our lack of certification.

Please bear in mind that Waytek is a distributor and does not manufacture any product that we provide to you.

Please direct questions or comments to nancyn@waytekwire.com.

Click here for the most current PDF copy of the Waytek, Inc. QMS Manual.