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"Your site is very easy to use..."

"Always happy to send business your way. Your site is very easy to use and I like the fact that we have one point of contact if we have any questions." - Rochelle, Livonia, MI

"I buy from Waytek because..."

" I buy from Waytek, Inc. because they are always in stock, same day shipment, great customer service, and I can buy small quantities for prototypes." -Dawn

"Waytek has the prices..."

"Waytek has the prices, selection, and customer service that you just can't find anywhere else." -Adam

"Preferred electrical component supplier..."

"Waytek is my preferred electrical component supplier because they have excellent inventory, low price, and friendly customer service staff. It's a place where everybody knows your name!" -Geza

"Don't have to worry..."

"Waytek is like Amazon. You submit the order, get an acknowledgement immediately and do not have to worry about the order after that." -Dennis

"Thanks for the samples..."

“Thanks for sending samples, I really do appreciate it. We use them for prototypes but all in hopes that we sell a ton and, in return, buy a ton from you!” -Gary

"We need more vendors like you..."

“I spoke with a couple people today, very helpful, professional, and easy to talk to. I wish everyone was that easy. We need more vendors like you!” -Gary

"Service is very good..."

"We use Waytek because not only is the pricing competitive against any other vendor, but the service is very good. We can get things the next day without paying next day air charges." -Mark

"Enjoy working with Waytek..."

"We really enjoy working with Waytek as a vendor, we appreciate that you guys are willing to help out a smaller company." -Justin

"Waytek has been with our company since the beginning..."

"Waytek has been with our company since the beginning which tells me that they have very good products and also do their best on pricing. Their customer service is probably the best I personally deal with, they are fast, friendly, knowledgeable, and do whatever they can to take care of you as a customer. They have great delivery times and are willing to work with you to keep your business. -Deb "

"It's like having a partner working right by my side..."

"I buy from Waytek because the quality of their products, the low cost, timely delivery, and the EXCELLENT customer service. As busy as I am, their willingness to source out product and work with us for all of our needs; well, it's like having a partner working right by my side." -Mike

"I recommend you guys ALL THE TIME..."

"Thank you for the EXCELLENT customer service you have always provided! We are extremely happy with Waytek, one of the only vendors we can even say that about, and I recommend you guys ALL THE TIME!" -Adam

"We enjoy doing business with your team..."

"We enjoy working with Waytek because they have excellent customer service delivering quality product at the right price, on time! We enjoy doing business with your team." - Brandon