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Ordering Information

Track Orders

1.   Sign In to your account

2.     After you sign in, click on "Track Orders" located under "My Account" in the top red menu bar


Track Orders Allows You to: 

§  Check the status of your online orders by date, order # or PO #

§  Check status of orders placed offline

§  Use your PO # to check the status of orders you placed by phone, fax or email

§  Use your order information to track shipping via UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS websites


Track Orders Legend:

§  New - The order is being processed

§  Picked - The order has been picked and being processed for shipment

§  Shipped The order has been filled and given to the carrier for shipping  

Saved Cart

Saved Carts allows you to add items to a cart, save it, and complete your order at a later time.

How do I Save a Cart? 
1. Once you have items loaded in your cart, click on the cart icon in the top right corner, and click the "Save Cart" button
2. Type a name you’d like to save the cart as in the text box, then click the "save" button

How do I Order from a Saved Cart?
1. Sign In to your account.
2. After you sign in, Click on "Saved Carts" located under My Account in the top red menu bar
3. Click Use next to the saved cart
4. Click the "Proceed with Check-out" button and follow the prompts to complete your order

Note: inventory saved in your cart is not committed to you until you complete your order.

Supply List

 1. Sign In to your account

2. After you sign in, Click on "Supply Lists" located under "My Account" in the top red menu bar


Supply Lists Allow You to:

§  Build multiple Bill of Materials

§  Quickly order and re-order from bill of materials as needed

§  Create lists of favorites or commonly ordered items and quickly place orders for those parts.


How do I Create a Supply List?

1.     Log-in to your account

2.   Click on "Supply Lists" located under "My Account" in the top red menu bar

3.     Type supply list name and click the "create" button

4.    Add items to your list: search for items to add to your supply list by Waytek or Manufacturing part number

3.     Select part(s) you wish to add - there will be a green check next to the item once it has been selected

4.     Enter quantity needed

5.     Click the "Assign Items" button

6.     To save the supply list, click the "Update" button

7.     Once the list is saved, click cancel to return to the main supply list screen where you can add a supply list to shopping cart and manage all lists


How do I Order from a Supply List?

1.     In the Main Supply List screen, click "Use" - located to the left of the supply list name

2.     To order the entire supply list, simply type or verify the quantities needed in the Qty boxes, and click the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the list.

3.     If you would like to add only some items to cart, click the "Add to Cart" button that corresponds to the line item.

4.     Once you are finished adding items to your cart, click the cart button in the top right corner and complete your order.


Order From History

1. Sign In to your account.

2. After you sign in, Click on Order From History located under My Account menu in the top red menu bar

View Payment History

1. Sign In to your account.

2. After you sign in, click on "View My Payment History" located under "My Account" menu in the top red menu bar


View My Payment History Allows You to:

       View invoice and credit detail

       Verify that payments or credits have been made for your orders

       Search payments made by check number or Invoice number