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Carling Technologies Disconnect Switch
Blue Sea PowerBar Series
EATON RTMR Fuse Panels
Tool with Die Assembly for Ampseal 16 Contacts
CERTI-CRIMP tool holder assemblies are designed to accept interchangeable crimping heads for various connector types. Each tool assembly consists of a body, cam, adjustable eccentric, pivot pin and ratchet that ensures a full crimp cycle is completed and includes an emergency ratchet release.
  • TE Connectivity 91337-1 Pro-Crimper Hand Crimp Tool
  • Category: Crimpers
  • Manufacturer: TE Connectivity
  • The tool features a frame with both a stationary and moving jaw and handle, with an adjustable ratchet that ensures full contact crimping
  • The tool frame holds a die assembly with two crimping chambers
  • Crimps Size 16 Ampseal 16 Series
  • Wire Range: 18-14GA
  • Ratcheting and Crimp height adjustment feature
  • Ratchet Configuration: Operator Releasable & Adjustable
  • Die Sets Type: Removable/Interchangeable
  • Crimp Form-Wire Barrel Type: Open Barrel - F Crimp
  • Stock numbers 864-7014 and 864-7023 are for use with Pneumatic Tooling Assemblies (TE part number 189721-1 & 189722-1)
  • Stock number 864-6954 is for use with Pneumatic Tooling Assembly (TE part number 1490567-1)
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ZCASE Fuse Holder with Fuse and Stud Cover, 400A
The SMZ stud mount fuse holder allows you to mount fusing directly to a M8 or M10 stud on applications such as batteries, alternators, battery switches or electrical relays. The insulated bolt on the busbar eliminates the traditional need for nylon nuts used on legacy CF8 fuses.
  • Littelfuse 0FHZ0201Z SMZ Series, M8 Stud Mount ZCASE Fuse Holder
  • Category: Fuse Holders
  • Manufacturer: Littelfuse
  • The SMZ stud mount fuse holder features a compact design which saves space and eliminates the need to wire in a separate fuse holder or power distribution module
  • Fusing directly on the alternator, battery switch or relay reduces the number of wire connections and parts, which helps to lower assembly times
  • High amperage starter circuit protection
  • Uses high amp ZCASE fuses
  • Tin plate coating on the busbar
  • Mounts directly to a M8 stud
  • Red protective cover designated to reduce the risk of accidental contact on the fuse or battery terminal
  • Volt Rating: 80V DC or Max Rating of the Fuse
  • Max Continuous Current: 400A
  • Available Fuse Rating: 40-600A
  • Operating Temperature: -40° to 105°C
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1500W Inverter, 12V
Next generation of TruePower Plus Inverters are available in both Modified Sine Wave and Pure Sine Wave models. Designed to convert 12V DC battery power to 115V AC and will automatically pass through AC inlet power when present. The TruePower Plus series is rich with features including; Innovative dual color digital LCD message center, dual color gauges for AC power output and battery DC input, USB power port, GFCI convenience outlets, DC cable covers and separate on/off remote.
  • ProMariner 06150 TruePower Plus Modified Sine Inverter
  • Category: Power Inverters
  • Manufacturer: ProMariner
  • Designed with soft start noise filtered technology and x2 surge capability for powering demanding loads
  • Shock resistant construction with internal conformal coated electronics for protection in harsh environments
  • Audible alarm and shut down for low and high DC voltage, overload and over temperature conditions
  • Internal 30A AC transfer switch will automatically pass through AC inlet power when present
  • USB power port and GFCI convenience outlets
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • 2 year warranty
  • On/Off TruePower Plus remote included with 9 foot cable
  • Intuitive dual color digital LCD message center with Display functions:
    • DC to AC Output Gauge: Scale turns red when output demand exceeds output rating
    • Input Power: Indicates if power is coming from DC (batteries) or AC inlet power
    • DC Input Level Gauge: Scale turns red when battery voltage drops below 11.0 volts
    • System Status: Dual color LCD with full system normal and fault condition messaging
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Power Distribution Module
  • EATON's Bussmann Series 32S-300-0 Dual ssDVEC Power Distribution Module
  • Category: Power Distribution Modules
  • Manufacturer: EATON
  • Max Rating: 400A | 30A per output
  • This pre-populated module features a 16 relay plus 16 fuse configuration
    • Custom configurations available: Maximum 12 relays / 32 fuses, or various combinations thereof - please call us
  • Operating Temperature: -40F to +221F
  • Weathertight
  • IP66 Rating
  • Severe Service Dual Vehicle Electrical Center (ssDVEC) includes:
    • 4 - 10amp ATM MINI fuse
    • 4 - 15amp ATM MINI fuse
    • 4 - 20amp ATM MINI fuse
    • 4 - 30amp ATM MINI fuse
    • 16 - ISO 280 Micro Relay with Resistor
      • NO Amp: 35A
      • NC Amp: 20A
      • Volt Rating: 12V
    • 1 - fuse puller
  • Output
    • 8-way, colored/keyed, sealed connectors
    • 30A max per terminal
    • 100A max per connector
    • Accepts Packard Metri-Pack 280 series terminals (tanged/tangles)
  • For power distribution connectors, correspond with below parts:
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12VDC with Diode, 108-1AH-V-D1-12VDC
  • Song Chuan Low Profile ISO Micro Relay, 108-1AH-V-D1-12VDC
  • Category: Mechanical Relays & Connectors
  • Manufacturer: Song Chuan
  • Circuitry: SPNO
  • NO Amp: 25A
  • Volt Rating: 12V
  • Terminals: Four 1/4" Terminals
  • No bracket mount
  • Diode included
  • Space saving relay with high current capacity
  • Designed to perform in temperatures as low as -40°C to 105°C
  • Ideal for use in variety of automotive applications including motors for fans, window lifters, air conditioners and heated rear windows
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  • Delphi 54200308 Apex 2.8 Sealed 3 Way Female Housing
  • Category: Apex 2.8 Terminal Connectors
  • Manufacturer: Delphi
  • 3 Cavities
  • Circumferential interface seal
  • Heavy duty connectors for demanding environments
  • Most compact 2.8mm system in the industry
  • Wire accommodation range: .75mm2 (20AWG) to 4mm2 (10AWG)
  • Mid-sized housings (5.25mm pitch - 6.40mm rows)
  • Fully assembled connector for ease of use
  • Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) device to detect partially installed terminals
  • Mating connector #38855
  • SAE/USCAR-2 Connector Latch Performance
  • Sealing Protection: IP68
  • Temperature Range: -40C to +125C
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