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Fuse Holders

There are as many fuse holders available as there are fuses. Which fuse holder you choose will largely depend upon the size and style of the fuse you are installing. While fuse size and style mainly dictate which fuse holder you should purchase, there are still some other factors to keep in mind before making your final fuse holder selection.

Voltage and Ampere Rating: It may sound like common sense, but you want to make sure that the fuse holder you are buying has the same volt and amp ratings as your fuse. Nothing can be more frustrating than mismatched components interfering with your projects, especially when it comes to something as critical as power.

Wire gauge and wire lengths: Fuse holders come in different wire gauges and lead lengths. While you can connect two different gauges of wire without causing any harm, consistency is always preferred and creates a more stable connection.

Special Features: Some fuses are constructed with special features in mind, and you want to make sure that you select a fuse holder that will allow you to benefit fully from those features. For example, if you are installing mini fuse with an indicator light that glows when a fuse is blown, there is a mini fuse holder designed with a clear cover that provides indicator light visibility. Fuse holders most often come in black, and will not offer the transparency you need.

Circuit Tap: There are circuit taps available for all styles of fuses. If you want to add an additional circuit to any existing circuit, these taps easily do that by plugging onto the fuse slot.

Weather, Chemical and Abrasion Resistance: If your fuses must perform in harsh environments and engine compartment conditions, your fuse holder should be environmentally sealed and waterproof.

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