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Smart-Tactor Contactor | Gigavac
Expanded FHZ Series Offering | Littelfuse
Delfingen Nu-Guard Braided Sleeving
120V AC, No Cover
  • Blue Sea Systems 7851001B Sure Eject
  • Category: Battery Chargers
  • Manufacturer: Blue Sea Systems
  • This automatic AC disconnect ejects the power cord upon ignition to prevent damage
  • Motor driven design ensures consistent ejections for years of operation
  • Ejection piston is self-recessing with no cocking required
  • Keyed plug design for easy one handed insertion in hard to reach places
  • AC power indicating LED
  • Compatible with existing 15A and 20A plugs
  • Screw terminal wiring for reliable electrical connections
  • No lubrication or self-service required
  • Standard mounting holes for simple retrofit
  • Industry leading 5 year warranty
  • Label kit and standard hardware included
  • Weather-resistant boot included
  • Different cover plate colors available: 78011B78012B78013B78014B78015B
  • Height: 6.00in (152.4 mm)
  • Width: 3.6in (91.44 mm)
  • Depth: 3.6in (91.44 mm)
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Center (mVEC), 12 Relays, 8 Fuses, 24V
The mVEC is a power distribution slave module that distributes power to other devices in a vehicle, and communicates over a CAN bus. Because it is a slave module, the mVEC relies on other CAN modules to control its relays and monitor component status messages. The mVEC is ideal for various applications including heavy truck, construction, agriculture, transit bus and coach, marine, recreational vehicle, and specialty vehicle applications. The mVEC is a cost effective solution for power distribution systems that require the ability to monitor and control relays and fuses; and a great replacement for complex, fully electronic (solid state) power distribution modules.
  • EATON 31M-330-0 Multiplex Vehicle Electrical Center (mVEC)
  • Category: Power Distribution Modules
  • Manufacturer: EATON
  • Acts as a slave module on a J1939/CAN open network, communicating via the vechile data bus with the master controller
  • Functions as a node in an existing vehicle J1939/CAN multiplexing network
  • Controls relays via direction of J1939 CAN bus
  • Reports status of relays and fuses each second to the J1939 CAN bus, indicating any blown fuse or failed relay
  • Supports both 12V and/or 24V electrical requirements
  • Pre-populated with components that have 2.8mm blades (280-series components) module features:
    • 12 - 24V ISO Micro Relay with Resistor 75737
    • NO Amp: 20A
    • NC Amp: 15A
    • Voltage Rating: 12-24 VDC
    • 8 - 10A ATM MINI Fuses
    • 1 - Fuse Puller
  • Output: 8 way power distribution connectors used with Metri-Pack 280 tanged terminals
  • Input: studded input supports two M8 input power studs for DC power
  • Max Current: 200A
  • 100 Per Input Stud (M8)
  • 30A Per Output Terminals
  • 100A Per Output Connector
  • Operating Temp: 40°F (-40°C) to 185°F (85°C)
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Module, 300A, 12VDC
  • Littelfuse 880075 SL Series Power Distribution Module
  • Category: Power Distribution Modules
  • Manufacturer: Littelfuse
  • Sealed cover protects internal fuses from harsh weather environment
  • Three switched 30A to 200A MIDI fuse locations
  • Four unswitched 24-hour 1A-40A ATO fuse locations
  • Ideal for low-amp circuits
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Tin-plated copper studs
  • Mating Connectors: 38409 & 38110
  • Provides main battery shutdown from a remote location
  • Accessory Remote Control Switch part number: 45956
  • Nominal Voltage: 12V DC
  • Max Current: 300A
  • Ignition Protection: ISO 8846 SAE J1171
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