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Picker Ignition Protected Mini and Micro Relays
Gigavac MX Series Contactors
Techflex Expandable Sleeving
Lug, 4GA, 1/2" Stud, Un-plated
  • Molex 192210453 Copper Eyelet Battery Cable Lug
  • Category: Eyelets
  • Manufacturer: Molex
  • Stud Size: 1/2"
  • Wire Gauge: 4
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Material: Bare Copper
  • Meets UL requirements
  • Heavy wall for maximum amperage and conductivity
  • RoHS Compliant
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Sealed Relay Holder
The Series PTSR-X Push-to-Seat sealed relay connector, or holder, is specifically designed to accept standard Mini ISO relays, Delphi 630 Metri-Pack terminals and 480 Metri-Pack seals. This uniquely designed sealed unit also features a Push-to-Seat connection system, and eliminates the costly and labor intensive "5 step" pull-to-seat assembly approach.
  • GEP Power Products PTSR-A, Push-to-Seat Sealed Relay Holder
  • Category: Power Distribution Modules
  • Manufacturer: GEP Power Products
  • Labor saving "push-to-seat" connection system
  • Molded in rugged polyester thermoplastic material
  • Accepts any wire size, in any cavity using Delphi 630 Metri-Pack sealed push-to-seat connector terminals
  • Requires Metri-Pack 480 Series Cable Seals
  • IP66
  • Optional TPA's available, 38556
  • Mates with Mini ISO Relay
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Circuit Breaker, Recessed Push/Trip Reset, 100A
The new recessed button has been designed to meet the increasing demands of small spaces within vehicle compartments. This new recessed button allows the manufacturers to locate the circuit breaker in an unprotected location and be confident the circuit breaker will not be inadvertently tripped by unauthorized personnel or when bumped by another object. 
  • Mechanical Products 176-S0-100-2 Surface Mount Circuit Breaker
  • Category: Circuit Breakers
  • Manufacturer: Mechanical Products
  • Trip-free operation
  • Heavy duty design; conforms to Mil-STD-202 for corrosion, humidity and shock protection
  • No button guard required
  • Standard surface mount with 1/4"-28 diameter studs, diagonally positioned
  • Type III Manual Push to Trip w/ red recessed button
  • Stainless steel Sems Nuts installed on the breakers
  • 48V DC
  • SAE J1171 compliant, ignition protected
  • Interrupt capacity SAE J1625, ABYC-E11
  • IP67 dust and waterproof rated
  • Waterproof/Ignition protected
  • For use in critical vehicle applications
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4" leads, 16GA Black GXL Wire
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Protect your critical electronics with this inline fuse holder. The built-in LED indicator lights up when the fuse in blown, allowing you to easily identify blown fuses in the dark or in hard to reach places. The PVC cap seals out moisture for added circuit protection. Simply splice this into your wiring. Fuses sold separately. 
  • ATO/ATC In-Line Fuse Holder with LED Indicator
  • Category: Fuse Holders
  • Fuse Holder Type: In-Line Fuse Holder
  • 4 inch wire length
  • Tin plated brass contacts
  • Fuse Type: Reg. Auto Blade - ATO / ATC / APR
  • 16GA red wire
  • Electrical Rating: 15A @ 24VDC
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Control Module
CAN bus splitters provides a cost effective and space efficient way of connecting multiple devices to the J1939 CAN bus. Modules reduces cost by elimating Y adapters and extra harnesses typically used to provide additional connections to the bus, while at the same time allowing for shorter cable runs to each device.
  • Trombetta 99-DLM6P, 4 Device J1939 Can Bus Control Module
  • Category: Power Splitters
  • Manufacturer: Trombetta
  • J1939 CAN bus splitters are rugged field proven with DT connectors designed to meet SAE requirements can CAN applications linking ECUS's for serial data communications
  • Effective way of connecting multiple devices to the SAE J1939 CAN bus
  • These blocks reduce your wiring efforts by minimizing the need for spider web harnesses
  • Reduces bus connections 
  • Environmentally sealed potting - true IP67 rating
  • Compact efficient design
  • Gold plated pins
  • 4 X DT04-3P Deutsch Connectors:
  • J1939 - In Connector: DT04-3P-P006
  • J1939 - Out Connector: DT04-3P-P006
    • Mating Connector: 38172
    • Mate Contact: Size 16
  • Device Hubs x (4): DT04-3P
    • Mating Connector: 38172
    • Mate Contact: Size 16
  • Operating Temperature: 40 to 85C
  • Contact Rating: 13A
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