Blue Sea Dual USB & Dash Sockets
Carling ST Series Toggle Switches
Littelfuse Flexible Electrical Center
3 Position Plug Housing, 282087-1
  • TE Connectivity AMP Superseal 1.5mm 3 Position Plug Housing, 282087-1 
  • Category: AMP Superseal
  • Manufacturer: TE Connectivity
  • Housing material: Polyamide 6.6 glass-filled
  • 14A
  • Temp Rating: -40C to +125C
  • Sealing reliability proven under harsh conditions
  • Suitable for automotive, truck, bus, or off-road vehicles
  • IP67 rating
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  • Blue Sea Systems 1016 Dual USB Socket
  • Category: USB Charging Ports
  • Manufacturer: Blue Sea Systems
  • Charge two mobile devices on the go
  • Made with corrosion resistant materials which ensure a solid contact and low voltage drop
  • Fits in same mounting hole as a traditional 12V outlet
  • Compatible with most mobile devices including Apple® products
  • Protective dust cap with tether keeps dust and spray from shortening the life of the charger
  • Conformal coated circuit board to stand up to the harsh marine environment
  • Maximum Output Current: 2.1A DC (total)
  • Cut Out Dimensions: 1 1/8 in (28.58mm) dia hole
  • Input Voltage: 12-24V
  • Output Voltage: 5V DC +/- 5%
  • Parasitic Current Draw: 15mA
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
  • Short Circuit Protection: Yes
  • Thermal Overload Protection: Yes 
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Circuit Battery Switch, 300A, 32V
  • Blue Sea Systems 6010 m-Series Mini Dual Circuit Battery Switch
  • Category: Battery Disconnects
  • Manufacturer: Blue Sea Systems
  • Simultaneously switches two isolated battery banks
  • Make before break contact design allows switching between battery banks without power interruption
  • 32V DC max voltage
  • 2 battery inputs
  • 0.80lb (0.36 kg)
  • 2 switch positions
  • Continuous rating of 300A. Intermittent rating of 450A (5 minutes)
  • 10 second cranking rating of 1000A. 1 minute cranking rating of 650A
  • 4/0 AWG (120mm) cable size to meet ratings
  • 1.12in (28.45 mm) clearance for 4/0 AWG cables
  • Terminal stud size 3/8"-16 (M10)
  • Terminal stud torque 120 in-lb (13.56 Nm)
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Mount Circuit Breaker, 80A, 48V, 187080P-03-1
  • EATON's Bussmann Series Marine Rated Panel Mount Circuit Breaker 187080P-03-1
  • Category: Circuit Breakers
  • Manufacturer: EATON
  • Voltage Rating: 48V
  • Terminals: 5/16-18 threaded studs
  • Reset method: Type III - Switchable
  • Material: UL-rated 94V thermoplastic housing and switch
  • Panel mount base
  • External ignition protected
  • Weatherproof
  • Typically used in DC power systems in trucks, buses, RVs, and marine application
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MINI / ATM, LED, 6 position
  • Fuse Block with Clear Cover
  • Category: Fuse Holders
  • Space saving MINI ATM fuse block with LED indicators for easy open fuse indication 
  • Uses 1/4" quick disconnect terminals
  • Input terminal: #10-32 threaded studs
  • Use with MINI blade fuses
  • Recommended input wire size: 6-4 guage
  • Recommended output wire size: 16-12 gauge
  • Clear insulating cover design for water and dust proofing
  • 30A per circuit
  • 100A max
  • 32V
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Throttle Control
  • Inpower DBT-MD-01 Medium Duty Data Bus Throttle Control
  • Category: Solid State Relays
  • Manufacturer: Inpower
  • Provides more than just high idle and PTO, module has three adjustable RPM settings and two remote PDM controls, as well as six engine signal outputs for any signal, such as park, reverse or vehicle speed. Includes Ford SEIC functions
  • Communicating across CAN, it can be wired to monitor auxiliary battery voltage and another 0 to 5V sensor or accelerator pedal
  • Along with the standard features that are available, the DBT is customizable with features such as a fixed RPM that raises the idle speed to a pre-determined, fixed level to prevent end-user adjustments that could damage auxiliary equipment. Inputs may also be programmed as pull-up or pull-down
  • Three adjustable RPMs
  • Two remote RPM controls
  • SEIC included on Ford models
  • PTO enabled
  • Six engine signal outputs
  • CAN communication 
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