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New Power Relays from Picker
Defender Series DC Contactors
Heavy Duty Time Delay Bi Stable Relay
  • InPower ABS-200 Auxiliary Battery Switch
  • Category: Battery Disconnects
  • Manufacturer: InPower
  • ABS Series
  • Switch Type: Solid State
  • Circuitry: SPST
  • Amp Rating: 200A
  • Max Volts: 18V
  • Terminals: 3/8-16 stainless steel studs
  • Electronic, solid state design means no moving parts to wear-out
  • Ideal for charging auxiliary battery and isolating it from vehicle chassis battery and alternator
  • Prevents over-current, over-temperature and under voltage
  • Higher operational life than diode based battery isolators and mechanical solenoids
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Inverter, 1500W
Use the E-series inverter when there is no ability to connect to shore power but you still want the convenience of AC voltage. The E-series inverter comes without a transfer switch and battery charger.
    • EATON's Bussmann Series 12-110-1500EM True Sine Inverter
    • Category: Power Inverters
    • Manufacturer: EATON
    • AC Output Voltage: 115V
    • Inverter Watts: 1,500W
    • Battery Charger: None
    • Input Voltage: 12V
    • Approvals: UL 458 Listed
    • Protection Features:
      • Typical efficiency under all load conditions and temperatures
      • Adjustable low voltage shutdown
      • Short circuit protection
      • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI) protection
      • True Sine Wave Output
      • Low Voltage Disconnect
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    Power Distribution Module, 150A
    The standard MiniFlec is a compact, front access, internally bussed, connectorized, sealed power distribution module that is suitable for mounting in rugged commercial vehicle applications. 
    • Littelfuse LFMX0007Z-01 MiniFlec Series Power Distribution Module
    • Cateogry: Power Distribution Modules
    • Manufacturer: Littelfuse
    • Sealed rugged enclosure protects internal circuitry from harsh environments such as high shock, vibration, moisture and contaminants
    • Designed for panel mounting (rear connections), base compression limiters
    • Can hold 11 MINI fuses and 2 higher amperage MCASE+ fuses
    • All relays share common ground circuit
    • Sealed to IP67/69K
    • Power Distribution Connectors correspond with HDSCS Series Connectors: 30140, 30141, 30142, 30145
    • Relay Capacity
      • 3 Form C 280 series Micro Relays
      • 3 Form A Ultra Micro Relays
      • 1 ISO Micro Relay
    • Standard MiniFlec includes 6 spare fuse locations (4 MINI Fuses / 2 MCASE Fuses)
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