A power relay is an electrically operated switch that is used in countless applications that require the control of a circuit by a low-power signal, where the control and controlled circuits must be electrically isolated from one another. Mechanical relays are also used wherever multiple circuits need to be controlled by a single signal. Waytek carries electromechanical relays with moving contacts, as well as solid-state timer relays, which have no moving parts and are extremely vibration resistant, making them ideal for heavy-duty equipment.

Waytek offers a wide variety of electromechanical relays, from high-capacity power relays capable of carrying up to 100 amps, to standard mini relays, and micro relays with 2.8 mm terminal footprints for weight and space savings. These power relays are made by some of the industry's top manufacturers, including Hella, Song Chuan, and Picker Components.