Wire Crimping Techniques & Tools by Molex

Posted on Jun 9, 2016 by Robert Iversrud

Molex® has a history of making industry leading crimp tools, so it's no surprise they have some excellent resources for crimping wire.



Preparation is an oft-overlooked aspect to a quality crimp. In the video below, Molex outlines how to lay the groundwork for the perfect crimp, such as selecting the proper crimp profile for the wire gauge being crimped, ensuring you have the proper strip length and more... 

Molex - Quality Crimping Preparations


In another video, they go further into the process, demonstrating how to make the best crimp using a hand tool.

Molex - Quality Handtool Crimps




While video demonstrations are always helpful, Molex offers an even more impressive guide:



More than just a simple how-to manual, this comprehensive guide serves as an veritable encyclopedia on crimping, including sections on an overview of the technology at work, a breakdown of the materials and measurements needed, an outline of the best procedures and processes, as well as helpful references such as a handy wire gauge chart, and more.


Now that you have had a chance to brush up on the best practices for crimping wire, see our full collection of Molex crimping tools, including some of our top picks: