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Littelfuse HWB60-AL Series, 60 Circuit Mini Power Distribution Module, 250A, PDM210001ZXM

Item #: 45989
Manufacturer Item: PDM71001ZXM
Manufacturer: Littelfuse
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  • Littelfuse PDM210001ZXM Power Distribution Module
  • Category: Power Distribution Modules
  • Manufacturer: Littelfuse
  • Quick lock yellow latches keep the cover securely in place while still allowing for speed opening and closing and allows the user to customize their own circuity with direct wire- to-component connections
  • Accepts any mini (280 style) circuit protection component
  • Compact size allows the unit to be installed in vehicles with limited space
  • Ideal for accessory circuits, overflow circuits from main PDM, or as a main module on smaller vehicles
  • IP67 sealed units can be installed virtually anywhere on the vehicle and stands up to road splash and salt spray
  • TPAs (terminal position assurance locks) - 6 included-  give secondary locking protection of the wire leads, which aid in prevention of leads from being pulled out
  • Wires plug into the back of the unit using industry standard Delphi Metri-Pack Series 280 tanged terminals
  • Add-on accessory can hold a fuse puller and spare fuses
  • Tethers available to prevent loss of cover during service 

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