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Blue Sea Systems 7635 m-LVD Low Voltage Disconnect with Switch, 65A - Bulk Packaging

Item #: 78008B
Manufacturer Item: 7635B
Manufacturer: Blue Sea Systems
Min. Order Qty: 5
Available: 7
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Not packaged for retail use. For retail product, see item 78008
  • Blue Sea Systems 7635  m-LVD Low Voltage Disconnect with Switch - Bulk Packaging
  • Category: Low Voltage Disconnects
  • Manufacturer: Blue Sea Systems
  • Senses low battery voltage and automatically disconnects devices to save power for starting or to preserve battery life
  • Ideal for any single battery boat or vehicle that wants to avoid getting stranded with a dead battery
  • Status light in both m-LVD and Remote Control Switch provides visual warning of low voltage state prior to disconnect
  • Remote Control Switch Functions:
    • Disconnect Voltage Adjustment - Sets desired disconnect voltage
    • Override - Temporarily delays circuit disconnect for 10 minutes
    • OFF - Temporarily disconnects circuits until voltage rises
    • Override or OFF - Silences alarm (optional alarm required)
  • Case design allows surface, front panel, or rear panel mounting
  • Rear insulating cover protects rear contacts
  • Waterproof rated IP67 for temporary immersion
  • 12V DC Nominal Voltage
  • Amperage Operating Current: 95mA Connected or 4mA Open
  • Amperage Rating of 65A Continuous or 115A for up to 5 minutes
  • 1/0 AMG Maximum Cable Size
  • 1/4"-20 (M6) Terminal Stud Size

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