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EGIS Mobile Electric 7612B Automatic Charging Relay Plus Triple Battery, 2x80A

Item #: 82004
Manufacturer Item: 7612B
Min. Order Qty: 1
Available: 9
Quantity Ea. Price Ext. Price
1 112.2560 112.26
5 107.7200 538.60
10 103.3620 1033.62
25 93.8850 2347.13
REACH Compliant
Made in USA
Adjustable open and close voltage any battery while providing flexibility to prioritize engine and/or auxiliary batteries during charge and discharge situations.
  • EGIS Mobile Electric 7612B Automatic Charging Relay
  • Category: Battery Chargers
  • Manufacturer: EGIS Mobile Electric
  • Supports multiple engines or independent charge systems by incorporating two independent start or engine isolation inputs to allow charge sources when both are active to maximize charging performance
  • Optional low voltage lockout protects from connecting into shorted cell battery
  • Eliminates dead start batteries by sharing charging on either of two batteries and isolating batteries when no charge source is present
  • Start assist input option to ensure maximum cranking amps available by allowing manually connecting to batteries via remote switch
  • Off State Current Draw: 1.5mA
  • ACR Closing Voltage Range: 12.9-13.4VDC
  • ACR Open Voltage Range: 12.2-12.8VDC
  • Connector harness included
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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