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Short Circuit Protection Devices

Whatever your circuit protection needs, Waytek offers a wide variety of circuit breakers, fuses, fuse holders, power distribution modules and diodes to protect your electrical circuit from short circuiting. Whether you're looking for a high amp circuit breaker, a waterproof in-line fuse block or a low-profile mini fuse, we have the circuit protection devices for you.

Waytek’s extensive selection of circuit protection devices can be ordered quickly and easily online. For more information on circuit protection devices Waytek carries, feel free to call us at 800-328-2724, or write to sales@waytekwire.com.
Looking to protect your battery from damage due to overcurrents or short circuits, consider using a battery management system. It works much like the circuit protection devices above, specifically designed to control output, charging, and discharging of the battery or battery pack.

Whether you’re looking for a circuit protection device for your battery or cables, wire connectors and terminals to join your electrical components to the circuit protection device, Waytek’s got you covered. With hundreds of circuit protection devices, automotive wires, terminals and connectors, you’re guaranteed to find what exactly what you’re looking for.