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Fuses & Diodes

Fuses are resistors designed to stop the electrical current from exceeding the rating of wires or components. Without fuses, the excessive current could cause damage to electrical systems, and even result in fires. In general, a fuse has a simple construction. The key component is the “element” — a short piece of conductive material that will melt if the fuse overloads. If a system overloads or shorts, the fuse breaks the circuit, or "opens," to protect the larger system.

Waytek offers a variety of automotive aftermarket fuses from leading manufacturers including 3M, Eaton, Littelfuse and Blue Sea Systems. Types of fuses available include blade fuses, bolt down fuses, cartridge fuses, glass and ceramic fuses, and industrial fuses. We also offer fuse assortment kits, five-piece fuse value packs, and accessories including fuse blocks, fuse holders, fuse clips, fuse & circuit taps, and battery terminals. Also, see our helpful Eaton fuse selection chart and Littelfuse fuse selection chart to assist in your fuse evaluation.
Waytek also stocks automotive diodes and MINI diodes, which clamp surge voltages and perform uni-directional blocking of the flow of current in a circuit.

In automotive electrical applications, the majority of fuses used are blade-type fuses, constructed with two prongs that fit into a small plug. However, the use of bolt-down fuses and cartridge fuses has grown in popularity in recent years. Automotive fuses have their amperage written on the top of the fuse; if you remove the cover of an automotive fuse box, the first thing you see will be the amps each fuse can handle. Each level of amperage also has a specific color associated with it. For more tips on using automotive fuses, see Fuses 101: What You Need to Know.
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