Electrical Wire Strain Relief Products

From rubber grommets, snap bushings and locking hole plugs to nylon and brass strain reliefs, Waytek offers a wide variety of solutions to help protect wire, cable, electrical connections and compartments from wear, abrasion and weather. Similar to circuit protection products, grommets, snap bushings and cord strain relief products keep your cable and connections undamaged so your electrical system performs optimally, and stays out of the maintenance shop. Waytek also carries a wide variety of circuit protection products, split looms and wire coverings to ensure safety on all your electrical projects.
Waytek is your one-stop-shop for all your electrical protection products and electrical accessories. For added protection to your wires and electrical connections in automotive or marine assemblies, encase your wires/cables in flexible, liquid tight wire tubing. It meets VW-I flammability standards, which makes it ideal for use in areas exposed to high temperatures and vibrations.

Waytek also carries a wide range of wires and cables, from automotive GPT, cross-link, battery, and brake wires/cables to marine, trailer, service, hook-up wire and everything in between. Whatever your electrical protection or automotive wiring needs are, you can be sure you’ll find it at Waytek.