Lovato Switches & Switch Disconnectors

Create your own Lovato switch assembly with selector, disconnect, E-Stop or push-button switch actuators available. Choose your lovato control station enclosure with 1 to 3 hole options, then select your Lovato operator style and contact elements. Disconnect switches, along with E-Stop switches, are popular devices used to cut power from industrial machines and equipment.

Lovato disconnect switches have a lockable handle as an added safety feature to make sure the switch stays in the off position if the operator leaves the equipment while servicing it. Pair Lovato switches with industrial fuses for optimal circuit protection of machines and motors.
With wires and cables bending constantly through walls and electrical panels, lots of strain is put on the wires inside and causes them to be susceptible to dust, moisture and other chemicals. To help prevent this, pair your wiring and cabling with liquid tight strain relief connectors, designed to reinforce mechanical strength, electrical stability and minimize the risk of intermittent connection failure.

For situations that require the connection of two parallel wires or even one wire to multiple wires, choose from our wide selection of crimp butt splices, from non-insulated to heat shrink and vinyl. Whether you’re looking to protect your electrical connections from wear and tear in demanding conditions, to connect one wire to multiple wires or for a different type of electrical switch, you’ll find all your electrical needs at Waytek Wire.

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