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Discover the vast selection of high-quality automotive wire connectors and terminals available from Waytek. You'll find ring terminals and spade terminals for single conductor wire termination and splicing, or connecting to various circuit protection devices, along with a variety of multi-pin connectors, fully sealed for those extreme and harsh environments. From battery boots and battery lugs to wire connectors, quick disconnect terminals, butt connectors and more, Waytek is Wired To Serve™ your wire connector and terminal needs.
While electrical connectors and wire terminals are responsible for connecting various circuits, systems, and applications together, items such as heat shrink tubing and wire are what enable the current to flow through your circuit and protects your wire from damaging environmental factors (i.e. water, moisture, dust, chemicals, fuels and more).

Whether you’re looking for a convenient way to connect individual wires or simply protect your existing wire/cable, it’s important to have the right parts. Waytek carries the wire/cable and wire protection products/accessories that boats, automobiles and industrial equipment require. For more information, and to view Waytek’s huge selection of terminal and connector related products, click on the links below.

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