Automotive Wire, Marine Wire, Wire Harness Connectors & More

Waytek offers an expansive selection of automotive wire and cable for use in multiple applications and automotive electrical wiring systems, such as automotive fuse blocks. Wiring products from Waytek include automotive wire, battery cable, marine wire, UL wire, shielded cable, speaker cables, trailer cable and more.

Electrical wiring is also available in different gauges, conductors, types, colors and nominal outside diameter. Wire comes in drum quantities upon request at discounted bulk prices. Don't forget about custom striping for easy identification. Call 1.800.328.2724 to get a quote!

What is electrical wire without the applications it runs to? Find all of your vehicle electrical system needs at Waytek Wire. We carry the wire, cable, and wire protection products/accessories that all boats, automobiles and industrial equipment require. View some of Waytek’s huge selection of related products by clicking the links below.
  1. Automotive Switches
  2. Electrical Relays
  3. Wire Connectors
  4. Fuses & Circuit Breakers
Waytek offers custom wire printing and wire striping services to save you labor, time and cost. When more circuit identification is needed, custom wire striping is an easy answer. High contrast color combinations are the best, such as white or yellow wire with a black or red spiral stripe. Eliminate guessing which wire you have in your hand with custom wire printing services. Wire printing allows you to easily identify your wire when dealing with multiple bundles. Call 800.328.2724 or email for more details on custom printing services and custom wire striping.