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Wire Coverings for Cable and Wire Protection

From expandable sleeving, to corrugated looms and fittings, Waytek always has several styles and sizes of wire coverings in stock, perfect for protecting a multitude of automotive electrical wiring and electrical connections in any application. An industrial cable protector or wire protection prevents damage caused by wire vibration damage, abrasions and incidental contact with other pieces of heat-producing equipment.

Our wire protection can also provide cable management and identification. Wrap similar groups of cables in protective expandable sleeving and separate your wires into recognizable groups while providing protection. Waytek protective wire coverings are insulated and protect electrical wires from heat, dust and moisture in the server room or ceiling.

How Do You Choose the Right Wire Protection and Coverings?

At its most basic, heat shrink protection, also called heat shrink tubing or heat shrink, is an insulation technique. The most common use of heat shrink is to secure wiring connections against abrasion and other damage and provide insulation where it can be difficult to use insulated wires otherwise.

There are several considerations when choosing heat shrink. One is whether to select single wall vs. dual wall heat shrink. While single wall is far more common, dual wall, also known as adhesive lined tubing, provides a much stronger seal and connection, among other benefits.

Shrink ratio is another key consideration; heat shrink ratios compare the original heat shrink tubing in relation to its shrunken, final form. Ranging from 2:1-4:1 ratios, heat shrink will reduce to 50%-75% of its original size, respectively, once heat is applied. In addition to these, it is also important to choose the right shrinkable tubing size.

What Types of Cable and Wire Protection Are Most Common?

Here are the most common types of cable and wire protection:

  • Braided Sleeving
  • Corrugated Loom
  • Heat Shrink
  • Vinyl Tubing
  • Conduit
  • What Products Are Used with Cable and Wire Protection and Coverings?

    From plastic wire sleeve to expandable tubing and heat shrink wrapping, Waytek Wire provides cable protection and wire covering solutions for a variety of cables, electrical wire and auto speaker cables. It is ideal for a limitless number of electronic, automotive, marine and industrial wire management, bundling and protective applications. Examples include engine compartment dress up, home electronics wire management, computer case wiring identification, short circuit protection, office wire organization, automotive wiring, and many more.

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