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Automotive and Electrical Circuit Breakers

Waytek carries thousands of automotive circuit breakers for auxiliary and accessory circuits on trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, marine, and construction equipment. From auto reset circuit breakers to blade type electrical circuit breakers, our selection covers all electrical projects. Waytek has rugged and reliable circuit breakers for exceptional circuit protection performance.

To make a selection on which automotive circuit breaker is best for your application, you must consider where the circuit breaker will be mounted, the current rating you need the electrical breaker to carry, and the type of reset method. There are four electrical circuit breaker types:

  • Type I Automatic Reset, which means the circuit breaker keeps cycling on and off until the overload is removed
  • Type ll Modified Reset or Non Cycling, where the circuit breaker doesn't reset until the overload is removed or powered off
  • Type lll Manual Reset with the trip indication shown on the body of the circuit breaker and it must be manually reset
  • Type lll Switchable, which is similar to Type lll Manual Reset, but the circuit breaker has a manual trip button
  • What Is a Circuit Breaker and What Does It Do?

    When a circuit breaker detects high amperage or another electrical problem, usually by a circuit heating up, it flips and cuts off the circuit, protecting sensitive electrical systems from damage.

    Generally, circuit breakers come in three broad categories: auto, manual, and push-to-trip, and in three different types: I, II, and III. These can overlap somewhat depending on the design of the breaker.

    The broad categories describe how the breakers reset. Auto means the breaker self-resets without help from the user, manual requires the user to reset the circuit themselves, and push-to-trip allows you to test the circuit by pressing a button and breaking the circuit.

    Push-to-trip, also called "switchable," is an especially important breaker type because it allows you to force anybody accessing certain vehicle systems to cut those off from power before opening. Generally, systems wired directly to batteries and other heavy shock risks will have push-to-trip breakers that make it impossible to put current through the system while repairing it.

    Not sure if a circuit breaker is exactly what you’re looking for? Waytek carries hundreds of other circuit protection devices ranging from circuit breaker panels to eliminate power management issues and are essential in managing functionality and power capacity, to Bussmann fuses, to electrical terminals designed to connect your circuit breaker or circuit protection device from damage.

    Feel free to call us at 800-328-2724, or write to sales@waytekwire.com. We’re happy to answer your questions.